How people use their office chair as exercise equipment during work:

Can the Aeron chair by Herman Miller really be used as exercise equipment?

It's difficult to stay active while working a desk job. But it's also essential to your health. Sitting for too long can lead to obesity and metabolic syndrome, as well as increase your risk of death from cardiovascular disease. That risk, however, can be offset by a little movement.

The question is, how do you workout with work to do, and your boss right down the hall, and your co-workers waiting impatiently for something to laugh at, just to break the tedium of an 8-hour shift? The answer is, deskercise--Aeron chair aerobics, if you will.

Here are some, ahem, under-the-table ways to stay fit on the clock without leaving your Herman Miller chair.

Tap Your Toes

This is an easy little exercise that will get the blood flowing while you're basically stationary. Simply sit down in your Aeron chair, raise your feet a few inches off the floor, then rapidly tap your toes. Every burned calorie counts!

Enjoy the Glutes of your Labor

It might sound silly, but your rump plays a vital part in your overall health. The more you work out your three gluteal muscles, the more aligned your hips and pelvis will be. And that's healthy for your back! Squeeze your glutes for 10 to 15 seconds then let go. Perform multiple sets until you feel the burn, then relax on your comfy Aeron chair seat pan.




Move those Shoulders

Imagine yourself shrugging at a coworker who asks if you've played Pokemon Go yet. Now just imagine you're being asked the same question every two seconds and can't help but shrug every time. Congratulations--you're exercising! Just raise your shoulders toward your neck, hold for a few seconds, then release and repeat.


The human head is a heavy thing to carry around all day. That's why having a strong neck helps reduce neck pain. To perform this next exercise, simply lower your face into your hands as if crying, then press your forehead into them while flexing your neck muscles. Hold each set for 5 to 10 seconds.


Okay, this exercise is a little more obvious. But dips are a great way to keep your chest and the back of your arms strong. Sitting upright (with your feet on the ground to prevent rolling), grab your chair's padded armpads with each hand, then slowly lift yourself off the Aeron chair seat pan. Hold for a moment, then slowly lower yourself down. Do 3 or 4 sets of 10 reps every other day (to let your pectoral and tricep muscles rest). Side note: if you happen to break your Herman Miller Aeron chair doing this intense exercise, we carry Aeron Chair spare parts.

Start Aeron Chair Aerobics Today!

Ready to see how your new workout works out? If you need a Herman Miller Aeron chair to get started, or any aeron chair spare parts, we've got you covered right here.


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