Ergonomics and the Paleo Lifestyle

Recent articles have come out that relate ergonomics to the paleo lifestyle, which are two subjects that seemed to have nothing to do with each other. The paleo diet and lifestyle is the idea of living and eating like a hunter-gatherer from thousands of years ago. Besides diet, the activity of a hunter-gatherer involves never remain in motion or at rest for too long. This is hard to achieve if we sit at our desks every day for work for hours. Here are a few things you can do to live the paleo lifestyle and be ergonomic:

-Move Around: If you sit all day, get up every 30 min to walk around. If you stand all day, sit down every 45 min. Even when at your position, either sit in your chair differently or stand with one foot on a stool. This keeps your body from keeping a position for too long, which can ruin parts of your body.

-Switch Up Your Equipment: If you sit all day, bring in an exercise ball to sit on for 10 minutes every once in a while. If standing, like previously stated, bring a foot stool to switch up your stance. Even take off your shoes to change the pressure on your feet. Again, this will keep either your body from being in motion or at rest for too long.

-Bring Nature to Work: Either bring plants, pictures of mountains, forests, or oceans, or go take a walk outside on your break. Nature has been shown to have healing powers.

Use these useful tips to keep up your paleo and ergonomic lifestyle!


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