Daily Posture Assessment

Take a few minutes every day to assess your posture in the workplace; the health of your back and neck may depend on it.

According to the department of osteopathic medicine at Michigan State University, as many as two-thirds of full-time desk job employees experience some form of neck, shoulder or back pain - pain that the Center for Disease Control said results in as much as a $3 billion loss in total workplace productivity each day.

In order to prevent becoming yet another office discomfort statistic, it is suggested to abide by all the regular tenets of proper seated posture: sit near the edge of your chair to avoid slouching with feet flat on the floor so as to keep your body in line.

Even in the best, most well-designed Aeron chairs, poor posture habits are very possible. That's why it's important to monitor your position and keep hands high enough relative to the keyboard to prevent slouching, but low enough to where strain on your shoulders and wrists is limited.

Standing while working may be the only way to prevent neck strains, but due to the quick arrival of leg fatigue, this isn't exactly feasible.

In the meantime, find a chair with adequate lower back and neck support that is appropriate for a long day in the office. The other half of the battle - maintaining a healthy posture - is up to you.


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