Chivalry: It Starts with a Chair

Chivalry may not be dead, but it's near extinct. It is common theme among women to believe that it is completely gone; however, this can be used in a man's favor: Stand above the rest by being the Prince Charming she's always dreamed about.

Simple enough, it begins with a chair.

It is no longer expected among men to pull out a chair for a woman almost to a point where women are unsure of how to even do so.

By mastering the simultaneous pulling-out-her-chair-and-her-sitting-down like clockwork, you could very well become the man of her dreams just like that.

However, timing is everything.

Make sure you pull out her chair gently and slowly. If you rush it, your date may just fall on her bum, pretty much blowing all your chances at this point.

Her next step will be to sit down cautiously as she is not accustomed to such a real gentleman and she will likely smooth her dress, pants, or any step to prepare herself for landing.

It is then when she is adjusting her clothes that you gently push the chair in under her. Just like any other activity, follow her body language carefully, because nothing is less sexy than a bruised tailbone.

This small act will leave her feeling confident and safe, leaving her the ability to sit pretty and tell you all about where she went to college, her favorite color, and everything you ever wanted to know about her hometown and more.


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