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Chair Profile: Herman Miller Mirra

With tons of chairs on the market, how do you know which ones best? With it's comfort, style, durability, and sustainability, once you sit in the Herman Miller Mirra, you'll know the answer.


After sitting in a Herman Miller Mirra, you'll know why Mirra owners never go back. The Mirra beautifully adjusts to your body and posture since the seat and the back are made of flexible plastic and mesh. The Mirra uses a patented Harmonic tilt mechanism that keeps the resistance consistent allowing you to avoid slouching and dramatically improves your seated posture. Furthermore, with adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat pan depth, moveable arms, and a tilt limiter the Mirra is made to accommodate all users, especially those with sensitive backs who require true ergonomic support.


The Herman Miller Mirra is a chair that makes a statement. A clean take on a functional product, the Mirra comes in a variety of colors including red, blue, green, orange, purple, black, and gray, allowing users to match their office chair to their style of other office furniture. With a unique, modern design, the mirra uses its backrest pierced with 567 geometric shapes to create comfortable flexibility while maintaining the look trendy users demand.


The Mirra's clever design and high quality materials make it a chair that will last you a lifetime. Mirras can outlast moves, transportation, hours and hours of use. Even after 5 or 6 years, users continue to tout that the chair remains as wonderful and comfortable as the day on which it arrived.


It's been said that you should buy the most the most comfortable bed and chair you can afford because if you aren't in one, you'll be in the other. Luckily for you, the Mirra has some of best price points of any chair with similar quality reviews. While the Mirra isn't a cheap purchase, when you take account of its lifetime and the saved trips to the chiropractor, you'll realize how fast the chair can pay for itself.


Mirra is made of 33% recycled materials already and contains no PVC. Reducing it's carbon footprint, it is easy to disassemble and is 97% recyclable. The technology is purely based on the fabric and the adjustable back support, therefore there is no foam needed on the chair at all.


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