Your Chair is Lowering Your GPA

After trying to make all the numbers match - your SAT/ACT scores, your GPA, your class ranking, your colleges' rankings - you thought it was all over once you got into college. False. Graduate school? Medical school? Law school? GPA?? What??

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Now you are no longer living under the guidance of the two people that always kept you in check. Your parents made sure that you got to school on time, that you weren't skipping classes, and that you were going to community service events. Halfway across the country though, it's just you and maybe your not-so-great-of-an-influence roommate struggling to get your life together. From the endless parties and meetings, maintaining your grades is harder than ever. And with the blink of an eye, the whirlwind that is college is over for the time being. The semester is over and so are chances to raise your GPA. There's always next semester though?

Stay organized. It seems like no one is carrying around the neatly labelled accordion folders that used to be all the rage in middle school. That doesn't matter. Find a method that works for you. Keep all of your homework, tests, and class papers in separate piles, so that when you're looking for study materials, you don't have a massive hill of papers to sort through. When your materials are scattered all over the dorm room, starting the process of studying with organizing seems daunting. Having a reliable system minimizes time and energy before you delve into the content.

Additionally, to make sure you even know when to begin studying, keep track of when all your big exams and papers are on your phone's calendar or a desktop Sticky Note.

Seek help. As much as you'd like to think you're self-sufficient, we all need some help here and there. And if you're struggling, odds are that other people are too. Universities pride themselves on offering accessible help to their students, so take advantage of the resources available to you on campus. Even before the first exam, if you're struggling with the course's concepts, look for a tutor or a study group. Stay ahead of the game.

Create or find a comfortable workplace. The look and feel of your workplace play a huge role in productivity levels. Of course, you can't paint the walls of your dorm room or change the lighting of the library, but you can make small adjustments such as changing the chair you sit most at. You spend a lot of your time studying, which in turns means you spend a lot of your time sitting.

Sitting in uncomfortable chairs hinders you from focusing for long periods of time. You're probably familiar with your concentration being interrupted by sharp shoots of back pain or neck cramps. Fortunately, the switch to the right chair can minimize these problems. With features that allow you to adjust the chair perfectly to the proportions of your body, Beverly Hills Chairs can help you maximize back support and maintain good posture. Less pain means better work, which in turn means higher GPA.

There's nothing like a good improvement, so get working!


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