The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have been popping up throughout the country. A coworking office space is a place where employees from multiple companies work alongside each other, making them perfect for people who are freelance workers, own their own business, work from home, or travel frequently for work.

What is a Coworking Space?

Coworking offices are equipped with the standard office amenities; wifi, printers and copiers, and desks. Coworking spaces are great in part because they allow for a large amount of flexibility.

Workers rent desks or conference room spaces by the month and sometimes even by the day. Coworking offices are also usually open 24 hours a day seven days a week, allowing for flexibility in work hours to fit each individual's scheduling needs.

Some employees claim that they feel more productive while working in a coworking office because of the freedom, flexibility, and networking opportunities they provide. In fact, people who belong to coworking space report levels of thriving averaging six points on a seven point scale.

If you’re considering a change in how you structure your company or thinking about starting a business of your own or going freelance, a coworking space may be a good fit for you.

Read on to learn more about coworking office spaces and their benefits.

Coworking Space Layout

Coworking spaces are often known for their large, spacious, flexible layout. Some coworking spaces have individual offices, cubicles, or desks for rent. Most coworking spaces will have one or two conference rooms with a large conference table and chairs perfect for conducting meetings as needed.

Coworking office spaces will often venture outside the traditional cubicle setups and instead have a series of rolling desks and office chairs which can allow for people to work closely or move their tables away so they can have some privacy.

These open working spaces often spark creativity and collaboration between the people working there. Coworking spaces will also often have a managing office with an employee who helps manage rental procedures, supplies, and the booking of individual rooms.

Coworking spaces will often have a communal dining space with a kitchenette and some even provide complimentary snacks and beverages as part of the rental fee.

Types of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces come in many forms, so some may have extra perks beyond the standard coworking office.

Some coworking offices are geared towards the sciences. These will often have fully equipped labs that are available to rent.

Other coworking spaces are tailored towards the arts and humanities and may have special tools such as 3D printers, a printing press, studios, and large power tools.

Whatever you do for a living, there’s a coworking office out there that can cater to your needs.

Communal Working

People enjoy coworking spaces because of their communal nature. With a large coworking space, people from all different fields of work can come together.

A freelance journalist may connect with an artist who is trying to get their online shop off the ground, benefitting both of them.

Coworking spaces are excellent places to share ideas, get feedback from a variety of sources, and network, all while going about your daily work day.

You’ll also continuously meet new people.

While some people may work at the same coworking office for years, some people may cycle in and out frequently, allowing for new connections to happen regularly, while also allowing for lasting partnerships to grow from those who stay in the same space for longer

Coworking Spaces in the Time of COVID-19

Coworking spaces may take on a whole new meaning in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many companies are electing to give up their office spaces and become completely remote. People are realizing that leadership is more about guiding employees than watching them, which will shift to more people working independently at home instead of in an office as people are discovering that intense supervision is often not necessary and the best workers are self motivated. This may encourage people to utilize coworking office spaces so they are still able to have a productive place to work away from their homes.

Companies may pay the fees for their remote workers to utilize coworking spaces as well as it is easier to manage strict cleaning and social distancing protocols put in place. Since leases on coworking spaces are not long term, they are a perfect solution during uncertain times.

Businesses that are transitioning into a permanent remote business model may also find use in using coworking spaces for special projects. Businesses may rent conference rooms for select groups of workers who may benefit from meeting in the same space for a period of time.

Coworking spaces are likely to make another leap in popularity as people reevaluate what working in America looks like post COVID-19.


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