5 Ways to Use Your Chair When You're Not Sitting on it

  • Exercise: Get those tricep dips in between emails.

  • Battle Shield: When those paper wars get intense, you have the perfect protection.

  • Ladder: Who has time to actually get a ladder or stair step? Let's be real.

  • Door Jam: Can't get that door to stay open? We've got the best prop.

  • Use it as a Mode of Transportation: Tie a rope to it and have someone pull you around. You are royalty and your feet should never have to touch the ground.


Your Chair is Lowering Your GPA

Your Chair is Lowering Your GPA

After trying to make all the numbers match - your SAT/ACT scores, your GPA, your class ranking, your colleges' rankings - you thought it was all over once you got into college. False. Graduate school? Medical school? Law school? GPA?? What?? Now you are no longer living under the guidance of...
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