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5 Reasons a Chair Cover Will Change Your life

Maybe you're looking for more color. Maybe the pets are all over your home office. Whatever the reason, there are countless advantageous to buying a cover for your home or office chair.

Chair covers, or slipcovers, are a popular item offered in many department, furniture, and home decoration outlets. From loose to form fitting, Herman Miller ergonomic chairs to couches, chair covers come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to fit any chair in any office. Here are some reasons why you ? and your chair - may benefit from a chair cover.

#1 It can spruce up any chair of almost any size. Chair covers give you the option to customize and design your office chair however you like!? If you just want to change the color of the chair to match the other furniture in the office, you can buy a solid color cover. If you're looking for something a little more decorative, many covers come with different designs or even ornamental features like ruffles to add some flair. This is great for people who like to decorate according to the seasons, with flower covers for spring and snowflake designs for winter. Match your office chair to the style of the room, or brighten up the space!

#2 Give your chair an inexpensive update. Make your old chair look new again. Did you buy a used or refurbished chair used? If so, try adding a cover to hide any scratches or clues about the chair's age.

#3 Quick cleaning solution. Chairs can be a hassle to clean. Drinks and food can easily soak in, making for lots of time spent trying to get the chair back to its cleanliest state. With a cover, cleaning can take as little as a few minutes. All you have to do is remove it and throw it in the washing machine, making for a simple clean that doesn't consume your time.

#4 Protect your chair. Instead of your chair taking the blunt of the mess from accidental spills or dirt, the chair cover can take its place and protect your chair from most or all of the stain. By helping to prevent permanent stains, chair covers can significantly help to extend the life of your chairs.

#5 Great investment. Chair covers can be used over and over again. These covers can be used for many years, and can be transferred from chair to chairs. All they require is an occasional wash!

And there you have it! Five reasons you MUST purchase a chair cover!



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