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Things You can Buy for the Price of a Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded

The Herman Miller Aeron is the most popular ergonomic chair on the market. Who wouldn't want a chair that improves your back and prevents many of the diseases associated with poor lumbar support and long periods of sitting. However, the chair rings in at a steep $1,068 for an Aeron with all the bells and whistles. This chair is great, but is it worth all of the things you can buy with that money? Here are a few of them:

5 Things You Can Buy for $1,068

1. An Icelandic Vacation

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Have you always wanted to travel? Was the price tag just too steep for you? Maybe you can now finally see the Northern lights. A flight from LA to Reykjavic costs under $400 all summer. You can then rent an airbnb?for less than $100 a night. If you stayed for 5 nights, you would have just enough spending money for traveling through the beautiful city and maybe even renting a car to see the rest of the country. A filming location for Game of Thrones is only 2 hours away in Vik, a city which also hosts lodging which highly resembles hobbit holes. This entire experience comes cheaper to you than the cost of a Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded from

Total Cost of Icelandic Vacation: $1,059*

*This estimate includes a 5-day car rental and a food budget

2. Tickets to Hamilton

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Unfortunately, in order to see the hit Broadway musical about the $10 founding father without a father, you're going to need to shell out some dolla dolla bills. One side orchestra ticket to the show in New York is $412 each plus fees. For the Chicago show, you can get great seats for $497 each plus fees. Finally, for the upcoming opening in LA, orchestra tickets cost $508 each, no fees included from the Pantages' website.

Total Cost of 2 Orchestra Hamilton Tickets: $1,056.82-$997.04




3. 18 Weeks of HelloFresh

You've probably heard of the meal-delivering service or its competitor, Blue Apron. You essentially pick 3 (or more, if you pay more) meals a week and they deliver all of the ingredients and recipes to your door each week. This is a great service for people who like to cook but are too lazy to find new recipes and grocery shop. ?A week of 3 meals for 2 people costs $59.99 at 9.99 per serving. The cost per serving goes down the more you get.

Total Cost of HelloFresh Subscription: $1049.83*

*The first week is half off

4. A Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded AND an ActiveErgo Sit to Stand Desk

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Yes, you read that right. For the price of one Herman Miller Aeron from the designer, you can buy TWO separate ergonomic products. Beverly Hills Chairs, the leading seller of refurbished Herman Miller products, offers great deals on all sorts of ergonomic products. Both the chair and the desk will set you back $968 plus taxes. You can read about the benefits of either product here and here. Your back is about to thank you for saving it from office threats. These products will improve the quality of your work, and you were already thinking of buying the chair so why not add the desk on as well?

Total Cost of Aeron Fully Loaded and Sit to Stand Desk: $1,055

5. CIA Boot Camp

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No, not the Central Intelligence Agency CIA, the Culinary Institute of America CIA! Learn to become a master chef in Hyde Park, NY, St. Helena, CA, or San Antonio, TX. Tyra Banks took her mom to one of these things last year, so they must be good. Whether or not you love cooking, it's a great skill to impress others. Bonus: You get to see the fabulous cities the boot camps are located at.

Total Cost of CIA Boot Camp: $925



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