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Beverly Hills Chairs | Laptop Desk | Wood

Portable DesignSpace saver design with folding legsNatural Wood Laminate FinishAngle Adjustable Top ..

$40.00 $53.00

20% off

Beverly Hills Chairs | Mobile Ergonomic Kneeling Task Chair | Fabric

Ergonomic DesignBlack Fabric UpholsteryPadded Seat and Knee RestPneumatic Seat Height AdjustmentDual..

$322.00 $385.00

20% off

Modern Comfort | Ergonomic Kneeling Chair | Black | Mesh/Fabric

Ergonomic DesignVentilated Mesh BackPadded Black Fabric Upholstered SeatPadded Seat and Knee RestHei..

$299.00 $350.00

35% off

Modern Comfort | Espresso Stained Desk

Espresso Woodgrain Laminate FinishSpacious Rectangular DesktopOpen Storage ShelfBox Drawers on sides..

$150.00 $225.00

30% off

Modern Comfort | Mobile Steel Workstation - Black

The minimalist style of the Mobile Steel Workstation Desk makes it ideally suited for a personal or ..

$279.00 $385.00

25% off

Modern Comfort | Wood Grain Desk - Dark Ash

Dark Ash Woodgrain Laminate FinishSpacious Rectangular DesktopBlack Box/File Pedestal..

$230.00 $295.00

25% off

Modern Comfort | Wood Grain Desk - Light Ash

Contemporary DesignLight Wood Grain Laminate FinishSpacious Rectangular DesktopBox/Box Pedestal..

$230.00 $295.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Herman Miller chairs are special because they were designed to be special! Teams of designers were commissioned to re-imagine the way people sit by studying the way people sit. The result were products that garnered praise and renown. And they're not just chairs we sell; they're chairs we use! The founder of Beverly Hills Chairs has a Mirra in his own office. From executive suites to startups worldwide, Herman Miller makes an impression that lasts!

What makes the Herman Miller Aeron special?

The Aeron replaces the foam passing found in most chairs with pellicle, a semi-transparent and flexible mesh. Pellicle contours to the shape of your body while provide air circulation and temperature control. It also reduces pressure on the back, legs, torso and neck. The Aeron comes in different sizes, and even has a separate, adjustable lumbar support attachment that you can buy and clamp onto the back.

What makes the Herman Miller Mirra special?

The Mirra also does away with foam padding, replacing it with a perforated polymer back rest and a suspension seat called the AirWeave that disperses heat while equally distributing body weight. The Mirra also leaves a reduced carbon footprint: it's 42% recycled material, and 96% recyclable when complete.

Do you carry replacement parts for Herman Miller chairs?

We do! We have castors, backs, seats, and even a replacement gas cartridge for the Aeron. Each of these parts requires minimal effort to replace and will save you hundreds of dollars! Plus, by replacing parts rather than replacing your chair, you will also reduce your carbon footprint! You can even buy paint to cover up scratches.

I’m concerned about how the wheels will work with my floors!

We sell hardwood and deep carpet castors. We also sell carpeted chair mats. Just make sure you don’t accidentally buy the Active Ergo Anti-Fatigue Mat. While an excellent product, the Active Ergo Anti-Fatigue Mat is designed to be stood on rather than sat on. Its purpose is to reduce pressure on your feet and joints, and you just won’t reap that reward if you’re sitting on it.

What do I use to clean these chairs?

Standard office furniture cleaner and a damp cloth will do.

How much control over the chairs do I get?

You can control the seat height, tilt tension, limit the tilt, and adjust arm height and angle. And with the Mirra, you can also control arm width.

How does ergonomic design work?

Ergonomic design promotes an aligned spine so that you sit in a natural posture. This improves circulation, reduces back and joint pain, and promotes mental clarity and concentration since poor posture leaves you fatigued. You can build on these benefits by also using a standing desk or a standing desk riser. Studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing also improves circulation, reduces pain, and heightens cognitive function.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we have a price match and can provide bulk rates. All our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping as well.

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