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Herman Miller Mirra Shadow Grey Fully Loaded

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Herman Miller Mirra Shadow Grey Fully Loaded

Introducing Herman Miller’s followup to the industry-changing Aeron office chair; The Herman Miller Mirra. Herman Miller has been known as a top, luxury office chair brand since the 1990’s

After the commercial success of the Aeron, Herman Miller released their next line of office chairs: an ergonomic chair known as the Herman Miller Mirra. Although less well known than the Aeron, the Mirra chair quickly gained a cult following and has been winning major awards since 2003. 

It’s even the top furniture choice among Beverly Hills Chairs employees!

Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair Product Features:

Are you tired of ending each work day with back pain? 

The Herman Miller Mirra puts ergonomics in the forefront, promising strong support for the user. Check out the unique features:

  • Adjustable Arms and Height: Quickly change the height and width of your office chair armrest with the press of a button. Theseis adjustable features make this Herman Miller chair useful for most body types.
  • Pivot: Enjoy a full range of motion with Mirra’s smooth pivot function. The pivot function is ideal for people who may utilize multiple monitors for work and is a great addition for people trying to maximize the use of small office spaces with their desk chair.
  • Adjustable Posture: Enjoy lumbar support and customizable comfort with the Mirra’s adjustable back support and seat height range.
  • Tension Control and Rear and Forward Tilt: Easily switch between tasks with the rear and forward tilt adjustment. With the Mirra's Harmonic 2 Tilt, you can lean forward to read or write on your desk, and kick back and relax while watching videos or enjoying a webinar. The tension adjustment control allows for the user to adjust the ease at which they can tilt forward or back, making work transitions a breeze.

Herman Miller Mirra vs Aeron

Is the Herman Miller Mirra better than the Aeron? It all depends on what you’re looking for! 

The Herman Miller Mirra chair is a more straightforward and affordable design than the Aeron. If you’re looking for a luxury office chair but a Herman Miller Aeron chair is not in the budget, then the Mirra chair for you.

Although many features of the Mirra and the Aeron overlap, there are a few key differences. The Herman Miller Mirra chair features a classic perforated polymer frameless backrest that provides both stability and flexibility to the user while the Aeron has a mesh backrest. 

The Mirra also features an AirWeave suspension seat that helps dissipate heat while distributing body pressure and weight evenly for a natural and well-balanced experience.

Is the Mirra Worth It?

If you’re looking for luxury and comfort, then the Herman Miller Mirra is absolutely worth the price. This office chair is incredibly customizable for the user. It features adjustable arms and height, comfortable seat pan, tension control, forward and rear tilt tension lock, ensuring that you can change your chair to fit your unique needs.

Beverly Hills Chairs makes the question of if the Mirra is worth the cost a little easier to answer, thanks to our refurbishment program. We refurbish our Herman Miller chairs, allowing us to sell them at a cheaper price than a big box store, while still providing you with a chair that is as good as new. Plus, by purchasing a refurbished Herman Miller product you are making your office more sustainable!

All of our refurbished chairs pass a 20-point inspection and come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure you are buying an office chair that is top quality for a discounted price. We also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

*Chairs are available in Fog Blue, Black, and Black Fabric. Colors are subject to availability.

*The mesh on Mirra seats and backs are in excellent condition functionally but may have slight discoloration.

About Beverly Hills Chairs

We specialize in selling Herman Miller Chairs at a deep discount. Customers searching for deluxe used cheap ergonomic refurbished recertified office chairs for sale at a discount regularly turn to us when interested in preventing back pain, lower back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain when sitting all day at a desk or a computer. We offer bulk discounts, we price match and we cater to a wide variety of audiences, including startup companies, corporate executive offices and conference rooms and design enthusiasts.

Joseph L.
The Herman Miller Mirra office chair is a super nice chair! I was looking for comfort and good quality. It was an added bonus that it looks exactly the way it’s depicted on the website.

I’m happy with my purchase.
Candy J.
I am very happy with my Herman Miller Mirra office chair. It was worth it to purchase this well-made piece of furniture. Although I just recently received it, I think that it will prove to be a great investment.
Dana S.
The Herman Miller Mirra with Posture Fit is a well-constructed chair and just what I needed. Comfortable and sturdy chair that will allow me to work for hours without pain.
Quincy H.
I found the Herman Miller Mirra chair to be really comfortable. I sit for many hours and I never complain of pain or cramps. I think this chair will last for a long time because the quality is really good. I would definitely recommend this chair.
Jamie R.
About 75% of my job requires me to be on my feet. So when it’s time for me to sit at my desk, it’s good to have a comfortable chair that I can appreciate. My manager was always saying, "you should get a Herman Miller Mirra chair" and I just laughed. Once she told me to try hers, I could see why she suggested it. I got the contact information for Beverly Hills Chairs from her and ended up ordering the same exact chair for myself. It’s great!

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* We are not an official Herman Miller dealer. Forward/rear tilt are subject to availability.

*All Herman Miller chairs sold through Beverly Hills Chairs have been professionally refurbished and pass a 20-point inspection.

*If the Standard Leather Headrest is added onto the chair, but we are out of stock, we will upgrade to the Premium Fitted Ergonomic Headrest for free.

*Colors are subject to availability.

All of our Herman Miller chairs are backed by a Free Lifetime Warranty. See Terms and Conditions for our Herman Miller Aeron chair warranty details.