Design Center


Given our specialty in furnishing offices across America, we take particular pride in the unique layout introduced in our flagship Beverly Hills Design Center. Located in the heart of Southern California, home of groundbreaking designs spanning the last two centuries, the Beverly Hills Chairs Beverly Hills Design Center serves as the creative hub through which our team can generate the innovative ideas that enable us to ultimately provide clients with cutting-edge solutions to their office furniture needs. 

While we do our best to transport the spirit of our Beverly Hills Design Center to our e-commerce platform and to our offline sales channels, we offer clients in the area the opportunity to visit our Beverly Hills Design Center by appointment only. While we are proud to showcase our space to our clientele, we recognize that our Beverly Hills Design Center, like every other work space, is only as effective as the collective output of the individuals who grace the world-class furniture at their avail. By fostering an environment that engenders innovation and creativity, we hope our Beverly Hills Design Center inspires not only our team, but yours.