Case Study: Wemo Media

Beverly Hills Chairs services an incredibly diverse group of executives and organizations from across the country, with high-profile clients from the leading names in technology, entertainment and finance. We have sold chairs to executives at almost every Fortune 50 company and have furnished the offices of companies covering a broad array of industries.

We are proud of the relationships we have developed and the roles we have played in enhancing the lives of those we serve by providing them with the best office furniture at unmatched pricing. Through our “Featured Offices” section, we hope to bring some of our clients’ stories to life. We selected clients that represent an interesting cross-section of the kinds of organizations we work with, in addition to the names you likely have otherwise heard of.

As demonstrated in our client case studies, we serve customers near and far, from Santa Monica, CA to Columbia, KY. Whether you are interested buying a chair from or working with the Beverly Hills Chairs team to furnish your entire office, we look forward to your joining our list of clients.

Executives at the following companies sit on our chairs:

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