Student-Athletes Need Compensation

If students-athletes are not paid for bringing in millions of dollars to universities, they need compensation for their contribution. This compensation should apply to all student-athletes not just athletes on scholarship or student-athletes in popular sports.


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Academic Centers:

All student-athletes should have designated academic centers for their studies. Such study centers should have early opening hours and late closing hours to give students to study when it is most convenient for them.Student-athletes have rigorous schedules. In order to maintain an acceptable grade point average, they should be given the best opportunities to do so. Having a facility filled with ergonomic furniture will provide student-athletes with the materials needed to remain productive. After four hours of physical training and several hours mental training in the classroom, student-athletes have homework to complete, essays to write, and exams to prepare for. They need to relax while remaining productive. Sitting in hard wooden chairs while hunched over their laptop will limit productivity. Practicing poor posture while studying may lead to higher stress levels and higher injury rates. Ergonomic chairs such as the Herman Miller from Beverly Hills Chairs will allow students to work comfortably. The adjustable spine will enhance their postures and the breathable mesh seats will prevent and/or release muscle tension after demanding practices. Furthermore, the sit to stand desk gives student-athletes the ability to stretch, regroup, and flush out muscle acids. A simple change of perspective made by standing and working may also enhance their thought processes.

Tutors: Student athlete's should also be given the best opportunity to excel in the classroom, not only to remain eligible for competition but to excel in their endeavors beyond collegiate sports. Each student should be assigned a tutor for any class that they may be struggling in if they want to receive help. Attending professors office hours during a time-crunching schedule is nearly impossible. It is easy for student-athletes to fall behind on material if they do not get the academic assistance they need immediately. Therefore the tutors, who should also be present in the athlete-designated academic center, will aid in maintaining a desired GPA.


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SA's, with and without scholarships, from rowing to football, ?should be compensated for laundry expenses. If one takes into consideration that SA's wear at least two outfits a day before and after practice, they will realize that they cycle through at least twice as many clothes as the average student. On-campus laundry rooms tend to be unreasonably expensive. Washing once or twice a week can add up quickly and student-athletes typically do not have the time or the means to travel to off campus laundromats. Also, some coaches require their athletes to wear specific athletic gear on certain days of practicing which requires them to wash more often. They should be given more practice gear and laundry services because students who help raise money for their university should not have to struggle financially in order to maintain good hygiene.





In addition to improving posture, preventing injuries and allowing for recovery in the academic center, student athletes should be given higher quality mattresses as well. Mattresses in on-campus dorms are not ideal for a high intensity athlete. If the SA does not recover well they will risk furthering injuries and ultimately hurtrather than help themselves and the university. Not every student athlete can afford mattress toppers or an entirely new mattress but they should ? be comfortably compensated in the area of physical recovery.


Food Stipends:

Student-athletes should also receive a stipend for food. Competing in any collegiate level sport not only requires talent and skill but physical health. Aside from preventing injuries with ergonomic furniture in the designated academic centers, student athletes' physical health can be improved through a healthier diet. They will have more energy and less illnesses which in turn will increase their quality of practice. Some coaches and team nutritionists require a healthy diet and make specific dietary recommendations such as protein powders, vitamins, etc. Although these suggestions are not mandatory, any student-athlete who wants to perform to the best of their ability will try to attain such items. Such dietary supplements are beneficial to student athletes. However, many school cafeterias do not always offer nutritious options other than salads. If you are a 250 pound football player you need more than a salad bar to create a healthy diet for yourself. For this reason, all student athletes should receive a stipend for healthy food/dietary choices that would otherwise be inaccessible.


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Transportation Stipends:

Students should also be compensated for transportation if they are living off campus. Living off campus tends to be financially beneficial for students. However, in order to save money in one area, students must spend money in other areas. For example, if student athletes who are not on scholarship save ,money by living on campus, they still pay for transportation at inconvenient times after practice. It may not be the safest idea to take public transportation if one is leaving campus after dark. They could take advantage of driving services like Uber and Lyft but those luxuries become expensive on a daily basis. If a student athletes is on scholarship and stay in off campus housing, they still pay for transportation to the school. Students should either be given a stipend for transportation or a vehicle, such as a moped, bike or scooter, for transportation.

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