If you love coffee but don't love the side effects (bad breath, yellow teeth and added calories) you can still be a productive member of society.


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Switch to tea:

Most harmful effects of coffee come from the high levels of caffeine. Tea has a remarkably lower levels of caffeine that coffee does. If you are worried that you need caffeine to remain productive, there are certain teas that have higher levels of caffeine than other teas. If you want to subtly decrease your caffeine intake without experiencing withdrawal issues you may want to drink black tea, yerba mate, green tea, oolong tea, or white tea.





Go to bed earlier:

If you drink coffee in the morning in order to jumpstart your day, you can avoid your morning ?craving by increasing your quality of sleep. The first recommendation to enhance your slumber is to sleep for a longer period of time. Try going to bed at least 30 minutes to an hour earlier than you usually would. You may also feel tired in the morning if you are dehydrated. Drink water before you go to sleep and within the first ten minutes of waking up and you won't feel the need for the extra energy boost that coffee provides.


sit to stand, herman miller, herman miller aeron, sit-stand, anti fatigue matChange your study habits:

If you drink coffee for a burst of energy at work or during a study session, you may want to change your study routine. Rather than drink coffee for the duration of your work/study session, you should eat a nutritious meal that consists of brain food. You may also want to change your study environment for a boost in energy. Sometimes a change of scenery will increase your productivity. The sit to stand desk from Beverly Hills Chairs will allow you stand and remain productive after sitting for an extended period of time. You won't need coffee if you take an anatomical approach to gaining and using your energy effectively.

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