John Green is an acclaimed author, responsible for bestselling novels such as The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska. So what kind of chairs, desks, or other tools does this author use in his work space to help produce great writing?

You may know John Green as an author, but you might also know him as one half of the vlogbrothers. He and his younger brother Hank Green have been running that YouTube channel for the past several years. Although their videos discuss any manner of topics under the sun, John Green's musings on writing pop up pretty frequently. They're a charming recurring feature of the channel.

If you're a fan of this author or just a fan of novels in general, then maybe you're curious about what kind of setup this writer uses while breathing life into books. Well, to tell the truth, Mr. Green can be rather mysterious about his writing process sometimes. (Seriously, his recently-announced new novel, Turtles All the Way Down, was teased with nothing but a bunch of vague statements for the past five years or so.)

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However, buried somewhere within the many hundreds of videos on the vlogbrothers channel is a mention of a cushy La-Z-Boy. John Green says he has written pieces of all of his novels in there. Now that sounds like a legendary chair. That kind of chair is so dense and pillow-like that sitting in one can make the sitter feel like they're being absorbed into the plush mass. In fact, it might be a tad too cushy for your tastes. Maybe you prefer a chair that doesn't feel like the world's squishiest upright mattress.

Beverly Hills Chairs has all your seating needs covered. Their website sells a variety of well-designed ergonomic chairs, refurbished and brought to you at a reasonable price. These chairs are at the height of the world of office furniture. Comfortable yet functional, and stylish too. Sitting in one of these chairs can do wonders for boosting your work productivity.

But wait ? are you tired of sitting all day? Plenty of people are. In fact, there's another video from the vlogbrothers where John Green shows off his brand new treadmill desk. Yes, you read that right. It's like a regular desk, but instead of a chair, it's attached to a treadmill. With that device, John Green intended to write while walking, stay active in the workplace, and get fit enough to beat his brother in a pool noodle battle.

Perhaps you're intrigued by the treadmill desk experience, but would prefer something with a little less walking. Well, look no further than Beverly Hills Chairs, because they also sell adjustable sit-stand desks. Make the desk rise so you can stand up while you work. Then when you get tired of that, make the desk return back down so you can sit in your sweet chair again. What innovation! Whether you're reading or writing, sitting or standing, you can surely obtain the experience that works best for you.

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