The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones

Don't be fooled by Sophie Turner's smile-- the Iron Throne is made up of a multitude of melted swords. Even the power of the Seven Kingdoms can't overcome a sore butt.

Captain Kirk's chair from Star Trek

This may have been part of your prepubescent dreams, but this may not the best addition to your office if you're trying to feel like a captain. Leave this chair where it belongs-- in space.


Central Perk sofa from Friends

Admit it: you've always wanted to hang out with Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe on the Central Perk couch.


Couch from The Simpsons

The orange couch has been a constant presence in the Simpson's opening theme. The couch has suffered through a lot from collapsing to disappearing to even encountering aliens!



Diary Room Chair from Big Brother

?Big Brother is well-known for its ever-changing Diary Room chairs, which become even more interesting with every season. The chair pictured above has now become infamous for the tantrum of Nikki Grahame.


Marble seat from The Lincoln Memorial

?Abraham now posthumously holds the grandest of all seats in his memorial in Washington D.C. He has a look of strength and power, but he must have a backache from all of that marble.


President Obama's chair from The Oval Office

Unlike the previous president pictured, President Obama knows how to treat his back right. He orders ergonomic chairs because, hey-- being the President is hard work.

Take a tip from Obama and do yourself a favor- get an ergonomic chair from Beverly Hills Chairs today.

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