About Herman Miller Mirra Chairs

When Herman Miller commissioned a group of "design pioneers who specialize in observing how workers interact with their environments and in finding ways to improve that interaction," Europe's brightest minds in seating design developed the award-winning Herman Miller Mirra chair. Widely acclaimed for its sleek and innovative design, high performance, and comfort, the Mirra has become a favorite not only worldwide, but within Beverly Hills Chairs -- you will find one at the desk of our company founder.

Like Herman Miller Aeron chairs, Mirra chairs replace the traditional foam and fabric materials with a more modern look and ergonomic fit. The Mirra’s perforated polymer backrest provides both stability and flexibility, while the AirWeave suspension seat helps dissipate heat and distributes body weight evenly for a natural and well-balanced experience.  Made from 42% recycled materials (and when completed, 96% of each chair is recyclable), Mirra chairs are extraordinarily eco-friendly and have won two awards from GREENGAURD and acclaim from Architectural Record magazine and Environmental Building News, including recognition among their "Top 10 Green Products" of the year.

Beloved by designers (honored by the Industrial Design Society of America), art museums (recognized by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Design and Architecture), and most importantly, customers, the Herman Miller Mirra has become a best-seller over the course of the past decade. Given our mission to deliver luxurious seating at prices that are affordable to everyone, not just our original Beverly Hills clientele, we are passionate about bringing the joy of Mirra chairs to anyone in the market for a world-class chair.

Mirra chairs can be uniquely adjusted to suit your individual needs and preferences, and a more customized chair will provide added comfort and improved workflow. The features included in this chair are:
  • Seat height: (This is to better accommodate the height of the individual using the chair.)
  • Seat depth: (This adjusts the shape of the seat so that it can provide balanced support of the thighs.)
  • Tilt tension: (Allows for individualized comfort in reclining.)
  • Tilt limiter: (Reduces or increases the recline range.)
  • Forward tilt: (This feature helps to keep the back straight while working.)
  • Arm height: (This is to better accommodate the individuals arm size and length.)
  • Arm width: (Adjusts how closed or open you want the arms to be from the body.)
  • Arm angle: (Repositions the arm rest for using a keyboard or a mouse.)
  • Lumbar: (This feature provides lower back support.)