About Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf for Herman Miller, the Aeron chair has become an internationally recognized symbol of luxury and wealth; the first choice of Fortune 500 companies, technology startups, investment bankers, and Hollywood sets; and the de facto high-end office chair for those looking for the most comfortable chair money can buy. Given the directive "to design the next-generation office chair," Herman Miller's legendary design team created the first chair universally recognized to offer state of the art ergonomic support -- winning loyal devotees among the many who sit at a desk in front of papers or a computer screen for long periods of time -- with an elegant style that visually suits virtually any setting. Not surprisingly, the Herman Miller Aeron chair has also proven to be one of the most durable chairs on the market: given that Aeron chairs tend to be used for more than fifteen years without any problems or performance degradation, the high quality of materials and superior craftsmanship make the Aeron chair a great investment relative to cheaper and less supportive chairs that are designed to be replaced annually.

So how did Chadwiick and Stumpf do it? By replacing the foam padding of traditional chairs with a semi-transparent and flexible mesh called Pellicle, the Aeron chair avoids the "hard spots" of traditional foam-based chairs while providing unmatched air circulation and temperature control. The flexible Pellicle adjusts to the contours of each individuals unique body shape, while remaining firm in order to provide support and maintain perfect posture by alleviating pressure on the upper and lower back, legs, torso, and neck. They also customized their design: Aeron chairs come in three different sizes and utilize an adjustable suspension and many fine-grained adjustments to allow each individual to adjust the chair to their unique body shape in order to ensure optimal ergonomic support for anyone using the chair.

Beverly Hills Chairs enjoys a unique level of passion for the Aeron, and our mission is to deliver luxurious seating -- including Business Week's Design of the Decade award-winner and what the world-renowned Museum of Modern Art has, for the last twenty years, classified as a work of art -- at prices that are affordable to everyone, not just our original Beverly Hills clientele.

Features of the Aeron chair:

  • Seat height: (This is to better accommodate the height of the individual using
  • the chair.)
  • Tilt tension: (Allows for individualized comfort in reclining.)
  • Tilt limiter: (Reduces or increases the recline range.)
  • Forward tilt: (This feature helps to keep the back straight while working.)
  • Arm height: (This is to better accommodate the individuals arm size and
  • length.)
  • Arm angle: (Repositions the arm rest for using a keyboard or a mouse.)
  • Posture Fit: (This adjustable back support subtly fits the contour of your back
  • as you sit naturally.)
  • Lumbar: (This feature provides lower back support.)