Herman Miller | Mirra 2 Fully Loaded with Triflex Butterfly Support - Grey - Discounted with minor defect Ergonomic Chair

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Mirra 2 Fully Loaded with Triflex Butterfly Support - Grey - Discounted with minor defect Ergonomic Chair

This well-designed Herman Miller office chair has won awards since 2003 when it was introduced in response to the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, the iconic office chair of the 1990s. Because of its sleek and modern design, coupled with its excellent user-friendly performance across a wide range of metrics, the Mirra has quickly become one of the most popular pieces of office furniture. 

Featuring a perforated polymer backrest for flexibility and stability, and a suspension seat that distributes body weight evenly for a natural and well-balanced experience, the Henry Miller Mirra 2 provides both comfort and functionality. 

Concerned about sustainability, the Mirra 2 chair is eco-friendly, as 42% of the chair is made from recycled materials, while 96% of it is recyclable. Despite not being as well known as the Aeron chair, the Mirra has still developed some brownie points partly due to its intuitive feel, unique comfort, and dynamic support. 

In addition, Beverly Hills Chairs offers the Herman Miller Mirra chair and its full suite of well-designed features at deeply discounted pricing despite its reputation as an expensive chair because of its high performance and innovative design. 

NOTE: The chair has a minor defect, such as a dent in the arm pad or on the mesh back. Despite minor discoloration on the mesh, Mirra seats are in excellent functional condition. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Fully Loaded Features:

Herman Miller's Mirra Chair Fully Loaded with Triflex Adjustable Lumbar Support Graphite provides flexibility and adjustability thanks to its numerous options:

    • Seat Height: Easily adjust how high or low you want to be above the ground with its adjustable seat height.
  • Seat Depth: Your back will easily thank you for the accessible support the chair’s seat depth provides.
    • Tilt Tension: With its high-quality title mechanism and tension controls, you can lean back easily, or increase the tension within the Mirra 2 office chair so that as you lean back your chair moves incrementally.
  • Arm Height: With the chair's adjustable arms, one can easily adjust how high or low the chair’s arms can move
  • Arm Width: One can easily adjust how far or close the chair’s arms can move 
  • Arm Angle: One can easily adjust which direction the chair’s arms can man (ex. Facing vertical/horizontal) 
  • Perfect Posture Fit: One can choose whether to go up and down and lock in a place on the back of your choosing to promote healthy alignment and personalized ergonomics..

As we are not an official dealer of Herman Miller products, Beverly Hills Chairs sells Herman Miller chairs that have been professionally refurbished and passed a 20-point inspection. The tilt may be forward/rear depending. pending on availability. 

The Herman Miller chair comes in various colors including fog blue, black, and black fabric, however not all colors may be available in all sizes. We offer a Free Lifetime Warranty on all Herman Miller chairs - please refer to the Terms and Conditions to learn more about the warranty.

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* We are not an official Herman Miller dealer. Forward/rear tilt are subject to availability.

*All Herman Miller chairs sold through Beverly Hills Chairs have been professionally refurbished and pass a 20-point inspection.

*If the Standard Leather Headrest is added onto the chair, but we are out of stock, we will upgrade to the Premium Fitted Ergonomic Headrest for free.

*Colors are subject to availability.

All of our Herman Miller chairs are backed by a Free Lifetime Warranty. See Terms and Conditions for our Herman Miller Aeron chair warranty details.

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