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Window Seat: Flying In A Herman Miller Office

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Traveling is fun if you can do it right. Unless you have a six-figure salary, then sometimes you have to travel the best way you can. Flying is always nice if your budget allows for it. If you don't like road trips, then you can avoid the hassle of road rage and bad drivers. Plus you get to see the world from a bird's eye view, if you can get a window seat.

In addition to seeing the world in a different way, you can also catch up on some work or some much needed sleep. The average plane is equipped with seats that recline, but there are downsides to this. You probably don't want the passenger in front of you leaning their chair back into your lap. Just like you probably wouldn't want to lean back into another person's lap.

When you attempt to lean back, they're just not that comfortable. Unless you're super tired, you most likely can't go to sleep if you're uncomfortable. And, how about when you're trying to work? Those fold out trays are so small! They get the job done, but they are not comfortable at all.

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Window Seat

If you like to work or sleep while you're flying, then imagine this. As you stare down at the rest of the world from your window seat, imagine if you could work in the comfort of your office. What if there were offices on each airplane? You could take your laptop into one of the offices and work at an actual desk.

Picture that you walk into one of the offices and you see a Sit Stand Desk. People like options, and lucky for you, with this aeronautic office you can choose to sit or stand while you work. When you look down on the floor, you also see that there's an Activergo Anti-Fatigue Mat. You'd get to experience full comfort while you fly.

Of course, any office equipped with a Sit Stand Desk and an Activergo Anti-Fatigue Mat, has to have a comfortable chair. An office of this caliber will most likely have an ergonomic Herman Miller chair. When you're on those long flights and you get tired of working on that assignment that's due for work, you can lean back in your Herman Miller chair and take a nap.

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Back To Reality

Although flying in a Herman Miller office would be great, the airlines are not there yet. Imagine the comfort, though. It would be like being able to take your office on the plane with you. The airlines could easily implement this feature, however. All the airlines would have to do is visit Beverly Hills Chairs at They could get all of the top furniture at half the retail market value.


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