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"Home Up" your Dorm Room

Whether you're just a few miles away from home for college or thousands of miles away, you're living in a new environment. It's a new bed, a new desk, and you may even have a stranger living with you. Unfortunately, this is college for you. It's time to make the best of it, and make yourself a second home.

1. Polaroids

One of the easiest and best ways to make your room more homey is to put up pictures. What better way to remind yourself of happy memories with friends and families other than to showcase them for you to see every single day? While normal printed pictures work too, polaroids have that hipster, vintage vibe that can naturally give your room more character. It can be difficult to take quality pictures with a Polaroid though as it takes more consideration of the photograph's subject and the nature of the background light. On the flip side, basically anyone is a professional photographer with their smartphone camera. So why not invest in a Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Instant Printer? This'll allow you to print any photo on your phone's camera roll as a polaroid in a matter of seconds. Polaroids are timeless, so not only will this printer come in handy for your dorm room, but also your first apartment.

2. Cork Boards

Continuing on the theme of preserving memories, decorate a cork board or even a cork wall. Now, instead of just being a plain, brown rectangle, cork boards come in different shapes and designs. Pick your favorite, and start gathering movie tickets, concert wristbands, playbills, and photobooth strips. These memorabilia will take you back to days that may have even slipped your mind.

3. Storage

Quite literally moving your entire room at home to college would be the "best" way to remind yourself of home. Of course, this isn't really effective or possible. The closest thing to doing so is bringing as much of your things with you. This calls for A LOT of storage space. More likely than not your dorm room is not going to be as big as your room back home. For closet space, buy overlapping hangers and a hanging closet organizer. You can also hang up rods for your scarves or hats, so they don't clutter your already small space. If your bed is not directly on the floor, take advantage of that space and use under the bed storage.

4. Design

Whenever you're picking a design or color for anything that's going to go in your room, make sure that it makes YOU happy. If bed comforters with pictures of chocolate makes you happy, buy them! You want your room to be your space, so even if it may seem trivial, look at all the designs and colors that are offered.

5. Comfort

Comfort is key. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your dorm may be, if the cute throw pillows have designs that make them scratchy or the desk chair makes your back hurt, you're not going to want to spend time in it. Even if it may be more expensive, buy items of high quality; they'll be better for the long run. There are companies like Beverly Hills Chairs that offer discounted prices on refurbished Herman Miller Chairs. You're not losing quality for the price, and they have the latest models: check out the classics, Mirra or Freedom Headrest.

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