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TV Characters: Who They Are and What Warms Their Butt's

Ergonomic chairs are not only stylish and the eye-candy of chairs, but they?also help promote healthy living. TV stars over the years have been lucky enough to be part of the new wave of chair sitting. They've caught on with the new healthy chair trend, which helps increase blood flow, prevent back pain, prevent neck pain, and reduce stress. Check out a list of five colorful, mysterious, hilarious, and lovable movie and TV stars who shine brighter than the rest, and the chairs they like the best.

The TV Stars

Dwight Shrute (The Office) :

Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica. When Dwight isn't lounging around or feeding his horses with Mose on Shrute Farms, he's usually trying to find the best way to be the assistant to the regional manager. Whether that be trying to par-core on top of every desk in the office?with Michael, shooting a gun off in the office, or trying to sabotage Jim's reputation. Most of his daily duties take place in a nice comfortable and adjustable ergonomic office chair. This allows for Dwight's muscles to be relaxed all day so that when he gets home he's fully charged for milking the cows, and a good passionate night in bed with Angela.

dwight schrute, the office, rainn wilson

Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation) :

Despite Ron's love for the wilderness, American craftsmanship, and hatred for local bureaucratic government, he doesn't exactly embrace all his personal values when he succumbs to his job as director of parks and recreation. During the hours of nine to five in Pawnee, he is usually saying, "NO" to Leslie as she storms into his office asking for approval for a new project, or grilling bacon on his desk. Ron Swanson also sits on a high end factory manufactured ergonomic chair. Although these chairs don't align with his standards of handmade wood furniture from the tree's outside his cabin, it in fact does allow him to regularly recline and relax his muscles during the day. It also helps prevent him from getting neck and back problems in the future.

ron swanson, parks and recreation

Schmidt (New Girl) :

Yup, Schmidt. Schmidt is an intense ball of fury that works a corporate job during the hours of nine to five as "Head of Marketing" at Associate Strategies. Whether he is being yelled at by his lunatic boss, Kim, or being gossiped about by every single lady in the office (there are no other men in the company) he is always plopped in a comfortable Herman Miller chair to deal with the issues. Herman Miller chairs are one of a kind, and are the epitome of office chairs. At certain places such as Beverly Hills Chairs, they come at a fantastic affordable price. These chairs feature a great combination of comfortability and aesthetic design.

schmidt, new girl, Beverly Hills Chairs, Herman Miller

Don Draper (Mad Men) :

He's sly, seductive, and a creative genius. Draper resides in his beautiful suburban home in Rye, New York with his stunning and emotionally unstable wife Betty. He is a top notch advertising mogul who knows all the tricks of the trade on how to persuade ignorant and intelligent consumers into buying various products. Draper often enjoys performing adultery with an array of different women in New York City without suffering any consequences from Betty. He is the type of man that gets what he wants when he wants. A big contributor to his immaculate success in the advertising industry is thanks to the famous Herman Miller chair. These super adjustable chairs offer tons of back and neck support while also fostering an A1 level of comfort.

Dev Shah (Master of None) :

He's quirky, and desperate to be an actor. Dev Shah, will do anything to make it big time. This ranges from taking small commercial gigs for a grill company to considering doing seven seasons for Clash of the Cupcakes. When Dev is taking a break from his hectic wanna-be actor life you can usually find him sitting in a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. If anything is famous in his life, it's probably the chairs that he sits in.

tv, netflix original, master of none, dev, arnold, bread, italy

In Final, TV Characters Love a Good Chair

These shows and characters are some of the best that TV has to offer. The chairs they sit in play a small but crucial role in the success that they have on screen by offering maximum comfort and heavenly comfortability. So the next time you're doing a little bit of Netflix and chill, be sure to watch out for some of these state of the art chairs.



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