The Best Ways To Relieve Stress At Work

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Stress At Work

Having to work sucks. Especially if you hate your job. Most people hate their. But, why do people hate their jobs so much? Stress is a big factor. Until you land your dream job in the field that you spent two plus years getting educated about, your job will be stressful.

The fact that you have to get up at the ass crack of dawn sucks as it is. If you're not a morning person, then no amount of coffee helps. On top of having to wake up before the rooster crows, you also have to get dressed, commute, and be to work no later than nine. Oh yeah, don't forget your Oscar winning, bull sh!t smile.

There are so many stressors at your job. Count them. Stupid coworkers, ill-mannered customers, and/or a dumbass boss who you know you're smarter than. The only reason you're not in his/her position is because you hate your job and you don't kiss ass

Good Ways To Destress At Work

There are a number of ways to destress while working. Some of them may work for you, some may not. Either way, this article is a must-read for all of you disgruntled. Here are just a few ways that you can eliminate your mid-shift, two o'clock blues.


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You probably knew this, but food can relieve stress. As obvious as the connection between the body and the brain are, this phenomenon has only been discovered recently. The brain is the mother board for the human body. It manages all of the bodily functions. The brain and the body are in constant conversation with each other, keeping you alive.

Recent studies have shown that the human body craves food during stressful situations. Think back to when you were in college studying for that midterm/final exam. Weren't you stressed? Of course you were. Think about what you did to relieve that stress; smoked, drank coffee, ate?

The human body craves rich foods when experiencing stress. These foods include chocolate, ice cream, and other sugary foods. These foods which are high in sugar, are known as comfort foods. Comfort foods do just what you would expect; they provide comfort. Comfort foods allow you to forget about your stress momentarily.

The next time your coworker says something stupid, a customer asks you an irritating question, or your incompetent boss gives you a stupid order, unwrap your favorite chocolate bar and eat your stress away. Be careful, however. Eating too many comfort foods can lead to serious health problems. Intermittent snacking can quickly pack on the pounds.


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It sounds odd, but there are some jobs that actually allow their employees to sleep. If you have a boring part time job where you work for a company that thinks their work is way more important than it is, then you won't experience scheduled nap times. But a lot of jobs are beginning to give their employees nap time.

When you get the chance, take your lunch break around two o'clock. Technically you're not supposed to take your lunch break that late, but that's when you're the most tired. Right? So, eat your lunch at your desk, and then when your lunch break comes around, sneak into the back office or conference room and take a quick nap.

Sleep is like connecting your phone to its charger. Your body needs to rejuvenate often. Studies show that the average adult needs six to eight hours of sleep. Without sleep, your body doesn't function as well as it could. With the four or five hours of sleep that you do get, mixed with the large amounts of caffeine that you consume, your stress levels are probably high.

It's no surprise, however. If you deprive your body of something as crucial as sleep, then you will be more irritable. You'll find yourself annoyed at every little thing. Even the small things that wouldn't normally irritate you, will infuriate you. When you're feeling irritated and tired during work, sneak into a back office and take a well deserved nap. You'll feel better.


That's right. Sex at work. Sex in general is a great way to relieve your stress. When you have sex, your brain releases endorphins, which really relaxes you. The same place you take your nap can also be the place you have sex.

Have you ever had sex at work? Surely you've thought about it. You see that sexy coworker walk by and you just want to throw them down on the nearest table, rip their clothes off, and have your way with them. Or maybe you want to call your significant other to your job and do likewise.

Having sex at work can really get you through the day. But, it can be slightly difficult to sometimes. If you've had a little midday sex-capade, then you understand. If you haven't, then believe it. It's not the easiest thing in the world. There are many things to consider.

There's limited space, which means that you have to stick to only a few positions. You have to make sure that you don't put it down too good because you can't make a lot of noise. It would not benefit you to get caught by someone else. That other person could try to get you in trouble, or try to join you. The latter might not be so bad unless your sex mate is down.

In recent years, there has been a new piece of office furniture that can help eliminate those office sex issues. The Sit-Stand Desk. This device is not to be confused with the Desktop Riser. This device will not benefit you at all when it comes to office sex. Beverly Hills Chairs offers two different types of Sit-Stand Desks; the ActiveErgo Sit To Stand Desk and the StandDesk.

Reasons To Buy ActiveErgo Sit-Stand Desk


Depending on your position at work, you may have to limit your sex break to a quickie. If you're in a higher position, however, you may have time to get or give a strip show. The ActiveErgo is finished with a scratch resistant surface. This feature makes this the perfect desk for you ladies to strip for that lucky guy you're about to give it to.

Start off with the ActiveErgo Sit-Stand Desk at the shortest height, sit your man friend down in your highly comfortable Herman Miller Chair, which you also bought at an affordable price from Beverly Hills Chairs, climb up on the desk and strip for him. You don't have to worry about your heels scratching the desk, because of the scratch resistant finish.

That Trip Downtown

The ActiveErgo Sit To Stand Desk is great for that midday snack. Its difficult for a dude to get down on his knees and lean all the way in when he takes a trip downtown. Bending down like that coupled with the sweetness of his female counterpart can make him dizzy. Not with the Sit-Stand Desk.

With a simple press against the lift, you can increase the height of the desk and bring her flower closer to your mouth. This desk ensures that guys won't have to go all the way down, just to go downtown. And for the ladies, when you go down, you can rest those tired knees down on the Anti-Fatigue mat that is included with this desk.

Putting It Down

The ActiveErgo is the best Sit-Stand Desk there is when it comes to office sex. Due to how easy it is to adjust the height, you can use the desk to help improve your stroke game. This is no dis against your stroke game, but if you can make your queen feel even better when y'all are knocking the boots, then why not do it?

Fellas, turn your lady around, bend her over the ActiveErgo Sit-Stand Desk, raise the desk to just the right height, and then go for what you know. Instead of making your hips do all the work, keep the desk unlocked and use your arms to do all the work. With your lady snack on the table, lift then lower the table up and down. You'll get the same results...if you know what I mean.


Finally, you should buy the ActiveErgo Sit-Stand Desk from Beverly Hills Chairs because it's affordable. If you were to buy this desk brand new, you'd be paying at least double of what you'll pay at Beverly Hills Chairs. For only $400, you can buy a the desk that will allow you to have the best office sex ever.

This desk will also help you relieve a large amount of stress. Face it. No matter who you are, if you have to work, something is going to stress you out. Why not do what you can to fix that? Visit Beverly Hills Chairs at and sex all of your work related stress away.

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