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Millennial Employees: How to Make Your Office Competitive with Google

Millennials are here and they need jobs. However, today the millennial workforce requires more from employers than a job offer. They may be desperate but they're also known for being spoiled. With companies like Google and Facebook, which offer premium benefits to employees, other places need to work harder to attract the brightest new graduates. So how can your company become like Google? Follow these simple steps and you can compete with the best of the best!

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Offer Perks

The coolest and most attractive aspects of companies like Google and Facebook are the amazing employee benefits. One of the biggest perks of working for them is never having to pay for food. Not only do they have stocked kitchens, they also offer free meals to employees. As people who have recently graduated from college, millennials are suckers for free food. Whether you only offer snacks (maybe a popcorn machine?) or a whole meal, free food will lure in millennial employees like hipsters to mason jars. Extra points for giving them food in mason jars.

There are many other great benefits companies offer to lure in new employees. Accenture, a management consulting company, covers employees' gender reassignment surgeries. Adobe closes its doors one week in December and one week in the summer to give employees mandatory time off. Airbnb even provides a travel stipend for employees. These simple perks are what will lure millennial employees to your company over another one.

Childcare and Fertility

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Furthermore, Millennials today care a lot about their future stability. A large part of this is childcare and leave. Because many millennial families are not typical, they seek out employees who offer atypical benefits. Many companies offer free childcare in the office or reimburse employees for all or a portion of their childcare. Facebook even gives 4 months of paid paternal, maternal, and adoption leave for every type of family out there along with a $4,000 stipend of "baby cash".

Netflix recently made the news by updating their policy to be even better than Facebook's, offering unlimited paid leave for one year, at most. Spotify also covers the cost of egg freezing for their young employees, which means they can work longer and harder in the beginning of their career before having children later in life. Millennials might not have kids now, but they do think about the future. A millennial's likelihood of staying at a company long term is more dependent on these kinds of benefits than on their actual salary or what the job is.

Change the Furnishings

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Companies like Google and Facebook invest in their employees' health. One of the biggest ways they do this is by providing ergonomic furniture for their employees. Ergonomics is the study of efficiency and health in the workplace. Providing ergonomic furniture is a surefire way to make your employees more efficient and comfortable. By providing lumbar support, ergonomic chairs specifically target posture to make workers more productive while sitting in them. Facebook regularly uses Beverly Hills Chairs to get the Herman Miller Aeron, the most popular ergonomic chair, for their office in Menlo Park.

Today, ergonomics are a necessity in the workplace. No millennial employee will agree to work for a company that's going to kill their back. Many other ergonomic solutions exist aside from chairs. One solution that will make your company stand out is by offering a sit-to-stand desk. This desk attracts millennials because it not only improves the back, it also burns calories. These desks are perfect because they can transition between sitting and standing height, so employees' feet won't tire. Millennials also enjoy them because there are many fun products on the market to prevent back pain while standing. These products range from mats to moving platforms to encourage movement while standing.

The Rest of the Office

Outside of ergonomic furniture, these offices are also aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's natural greenspaces or chalkboard walls, the office is always fun to be at. Decorate the office so that it stands out from standard offices. Fun colors, interactive walls, or hanging decor all easily ways to make the office more fun. Open plan offices are also very on trend right now, allowing more communication between mid-level employees and management. They also encourage collaboration between employees in different departments

Act Like a Millennial

Millennials are very concerned with their mental health. This means they regularly participate in mentally relaxing activities like sports or games to counteract work stress. Make this even easier for them by providing activities in the office. Get a ping pong or foosball table so your employees can give their minds a break. Frequent office breaks will actually encourage more productivity when at the office.

Millennials love to have fun and express their creativity. A good way to impress them is by having a video arcade. Millennials love video games. They reduce stress and allow them to release their frustrations in an effective manner. Video games are also conducive to creativity, encouraging employees' minds to work better.

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Millennials also love pets. Many companies allow dogs in the office, which not only makes pet lovers' lives easier, but also gives employees emotional support. Studies show that the mere presence of dogs provides stress relief. Letting dogs into the workspace will guarantee a happier, healthier work environment and attract new millennial employees. Think about it, any young graduate is much more likely to accept a job offer with dogs than a job offer without dogs.

Another important factor for a recent grad is social life. Especially for those grads moving across the country from their home for the last four years, finding new friends is hard. Companies that host social or happy hours allow more socialization between employees. Furthermore, it means that employees can be less social during work hours. Social hours not only benefit the employee friendships, they also improve work environment. Whether it's monthly or weekly, encouraging employees to socialize greatly improves work relationships. Employees with good relationships will work better together and collaborate well.

So, You Want to Hire a Millennial?

Just implementing a few of these changes will make your office more desirable to the millennial workforce. In a world where companies have to compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft for the brightest talent, millennials say that they are drawn the companies that take care of them not the ones that pay them the most. This might seem daunting, but it's actually way easier to spend a little money for these perks than pay a higher salary. This trend of fun offices gives employers more opportunity to compete with higher paying companies. Why not take it?



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