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How to Lose a Job in 7 Ways

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Whether written or unspoken, there are rules for the work place. Following them can lead to fulfilling and promising places in the future. Disregarding these rules can lead to a rather quick termination. Here is a list of things that will under your boss and coworkers' skin. This is for those of you who want to keep your job and even those who hate where they work!


Some offices may be more lenient than others. Either way, showing up late to your place of business is definitely looked down upon. It does not reflect well upon your character or priorities, making you the talk of the office and not in the way you should be proud of.

Personal Calls

This is one of the more minor rule violations in the office, but one that is annoying nonetheless. You were hired to do one thing: work. Do not make calls to your boys or your bffs to make plans for the weekend. That stuff must wait until you get home.

Computer Use

his goes hand in hand with making personal calls. You are at work to do work. The computer is there so you can get your work done more efficiently. It is not there to boost your social media following. If you think it's ridiculous to sit at your computer all day and not use it for a bit personal use, then make sure what you are viewing is safe for the work place. Nothing will get you fired faster than nudity or gore.





Wear clothes that show that you are serious about your job. Dress to impress and if you don't own clothes that show you are serious, then go out and buy some. There are plenty of department stores where you can buy button downs and dress pants for cheap. Refrain from wearing graphic tees with your favorite band on them or offensive "jokes."

Inappropriate Jokes

You are not at work to hang out with your pals and have a great time. Be aware of what you are saying. You cannot go around telling the latest joke you heard if it could be taken offensive in the slightest. Respect those around you and keep yourself from telling jokes directed at the opposite sex or any ethnicity. Offending someone with your rude joke ruins the cohesiveness of the office surely putting you on a fast path out the door.

Office Equipment

Use the equipment in the office for what it is meant to be used for. That means you should not be rolling or standing on your Herman Miller Aeron chair. They are incredibly expensive, unless your boss bought it for cheap at, so respect it. It is technically not yours; treat it as such. Only the immature misuse other people's property.

The Weekend

No, Steve does not want to hear about how many girls you hooked up with on Saturday. Just like how Kathryn does not want to hear about how drunk you were. Most people don't care to hear every delinquent detail about your weekend even if they did ask you what you did. Try to keep it PG.

When trying to keep a job it comes down to respect; respect for yourself as well as respect for your coworkers and boss. Show that you are serious about what you do and do it well. The way you present yourself, whether that be the clothes you wear or showing up on time, will go a long way. Keep yourself focused on your job while you are in the office and you will keep your job.


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