How to Keep Your Sugar Mama Satisfied

Sugar Mama

"Hey Cutie, love that ass ya got." This might be how it all started. It may have also started at work; she was the head bartender, and you were that young vulnerable new bartender who would do anything for a free meal or a new pair of shoes. She seductively began inviting you over for dinner to give you some tips on how to freshen up on your skills at the bar. After a few dinners she began calling you into her office. She then began giving you performance evaluations. Although, these evaluations weren't what you thought they were. She wasn't evaluating you on work ethic and creativity. She was evaluating things along the lines of foreplay and missionary.

After a while, she starts to gets bored. Those dinner nights, and extra long lunch breaks when nobody is at the bar start to make her mind dull. She wanted more, sooner or later questions of marriage began to circulate. You shot those down immediately, faster than you would say "yes" to giving up your money to a robber with a gun. She starts to get mad and threatens a possible end to your cougar-cub jail bait type relationship. Don't fear! There is a way to keep the gifts and free dinners coming. Check out five things to do to keep your sugar mama satisfied.

Keys to Keeping Your Sugar Mama

Buy her an Ergonomic Chair

Yes, you may only be accustomed to getting things from her and giving back nothing in return... besides of course, a good time in bed. However, this investment is worth keeping the relationship alive. These bad boys are one of the best ways to keep your mama comfortable and relaxed throughout the day.

These chairs are adjustable and adapt to any body type (even if she's a bit over weight, these chairs have you covered). They also allow you to position your legs at that perfect ninety-degree angle which perpetuates great blood flow. Good blood flow equates to high energy levels (and we all know what that means when it gets to the late hours of the night). Ergonomic chairs are also key to a healthy mind and a healthy body, which is why they're used by top executives and healthy people around the world. A great place to get one of these is at Beverly Hills Chairs. They offer high end ergonomic chairs featuring household brand names such as Herman Miller.

Make her a bubble bath

A little romantic music, a nice bath bomb (preferably the sex bomb from Lush), a bottle of champagne, topped off with a few luxurious candles is an affordable yet thoughtful gesture one can do for their significant other. Bubble bath screams "sexy time"?while at the same time evokes a sense of love that every sugar mama craves. After a long day of work you and your sugar mama can sit back, relax, and soak up the suds in her elegant bath that's mistaken for a pool at first glance.

Foot Massage

foot massage

Watch a few youtube videos on Thai massages. Learn the basics, and then perform like you've been doing it for years. This is something that is completely free of charge and shows you will do anything to please her. Feet are gross. They're crusty, cut up, and smelly in most cases. Showing your mama that you're willing to get down and dirty for her is something that goes a long way and will keep her happy for a long time.

Cook her a scrumptious meal

If you're doing the whole sugar mama thing right she's probably got a dazzling kitchen stocked with a variety of different foods and spices. Cooking her a meal isn't so much of burden on your life for what you'd be getting in return. Two delicious meals to chef up are Fried Chicken Egg Rice bowl and a Harissa Zucchini Spaghetti Skillet with Kale, Chickpeas and poached Eggs. These two meals aren't too difficult; they're also so tasty that your sugar mama will think you're a five star chef.

Why these things are Important

Keeping a sugar mama isn't as easy as it seems. From responding to her every need, all the way to making sure she's satisfied right before bed. The lifestyle comes at a price. With these few thoughtful and inexpensive gestures your relationship with your sugar mama can last as long as you choose.

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