You're Not A Good Writer: Learn How To Improve Your Skills

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Want To Be A Writer?

Hello fellow writer. Do you like to tell stories? Of course you do. It's inherent. Long ago our ancestors told stories to teach valuable life lessons and morals. Why would we be any different today than our ancestors were back then? I'll tell you.

So you want to write? Have you considered all of the writing opportunities out there? You could write screenplays, fiction novels, nonfiction novels, PR, etc. There are so many options, which means you have to stand out above the rest. That's a difficult thing to do. There are a lot of decent writers out there in the world. So what makes someone better than the rest?

Decide What To Write

Out of all of the career options out there today, you've finally decided that you want to be a writer. Great. Deciding to be a writer, however, is only a small portion of the battle. What are you going to write? Stories? No, duh. In order to be considered a writer you have to tell a story. Everything you write has to have a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end. Even the heating instructions on the back of your hot pocket tell a story; remove from wrapper, place in sleeve, cook for x amount of minutes, enjoy. The instructions tell you a story about how to prep your hot pocket, how to cook your hot pocket, and finally how to eat your hot pocket.

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What kind of stories do you want to tell? Fiction, nonfiction, romance, crime etc. more endless possibilities. After you decide the genre, then you have to decide what medium to work in. Do you want to write screenplays, novels, blog posts? To tell you the truth, it doesn't matter. You are not a good writer.

Writer's Environment

Now, take a look around your work space. You probably have a nice laptop or desktop sitting on a standard desk. A boring desk that has four legs and a surface. Your desk might as well be your kitchen table. You're most likely sitting in some chair that doesn't accommodate your body shape, which can cause a lot of problems for you later on.

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This is your office? You call yourself a writer? That's why you're not a good writer. Your workplace environment is of the utmost importance in terms of your productivity. Your work environment doesn't give off the impression of a writer, which is why your work is no good.

Every good writer owns a Herman Miller Aeron chair, which means every aspiring writer should own this chair as well. The Herman Miller Aeron chair conforms to your body's needs, giving you the most comfort out of an office chair you've ever experienced. With their refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chairs, Beverly Hills Chairs can sell you this top-of-the-line chair at a fraction of the price you would pay for a brand new chair. Comfort equals productivity. If your chair is no good, then your work will reflect that.

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A comfortable seating arrangement is not the only aspect you need to worry about. In addition to the proper seat, activity in the workplace is crucial as well. It's good to stand up from time to time. This doesn't mean you have to stop working, however. Well that's what it means for you because you have a standard desk. If you buy the Sit-To-Stand from Beverly Hills Chairs, you can stand and continue working. Activity in the workplace allows your blood and creative juices to flow, and in order to be a good writer you need the right office furniture.

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Want To Be A Good Writer?

So, how are we different than our ancestors?? We have been distracted by luxury. The contemporary writer focuses on the metaphysics of writing as opposed to the storytelling itself. We care more about the process of writing than we care about what is written. Since the metaphysics are as important as the story these days, it's crucial to have the best furniture.

You know what you want to write. You also that you want to write it the best way you can. Not going to happen unless you buy the proper furniture. Herman Miller and Sit-To-Stand desks are out of your budget? You don't say. Hardly anyone can afford either of these pieces of furniture. Beverly Hills Chairs makes it possible for anyone on any budget to get a Herman Miller Aeron Chair and a Sit-To-Stand desk. There's no excuse. Visit Beverly Hills Chairs and get the tools you need in order to be a better writer.

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