Since the invention of the Internet, many aspects of our lives have vastly changed. Shopping is just one example. Due to the advantages listed below , more and more people are preferring to buy things online as opposed to physically going into stores.

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1. Convenience

Shopping can be extremely exhausting. Waiting in long lines after spending way too long in the fitting room can be the most dreadful experience. Your legs, your back, your neck...everything starts to hurt. Fortunately, online shopping could not be more convenient. There is no waiting, and online shops are open 24/7. In the comfort of either your Mirra Herman Miller Chair or the Lorell Sit to Stand Riser (shoutout to Beverly Hills Chairs), you can comfortably buy anything your heart wishes in the matter of seconds. No lines. No bodily pains. No rude cashiers. No cutting customers. Heaven? I think yes.

2. Better Deals

Unlike in stores, online, products come to you directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, a lot of times, online prices will be cheaper than those in stores. Additionally, online shops are only required to collect a sales tax if they have a physical presence in a state such as a store, office, or warehouse.

3. More Variety

Nothing is more devastating than the feeling of finding the perfect top, only to realize that the store does not carry it in your size. You ask a worker to check in the back, and, of course, she says that everything out on the floor is what they have. Is this even true? Lucky for you, the choices online are amazing! There is a larger selection of colors and sizes, and the stock is bigger as well. Unless it is an extremely popular item during a crazy sale, no need to worry about a shortage.

4. Less Compulsive Shopping

Store workers are trained to pressure customers. That is their job. And a lot of the time, they do it well. We feel compelled to make purchases that we are on the edge about. I mean, they say it's of the highest quality and an exclusive deal! Once we come home and have time to really think about the necessity of their purchase, we realize that we didn't really need it. Great, now we have to go back to return it. Shopping online allows us to make purchases on our own time. Do you hear that? That's the sound of your wallet rejoicing.

5. No Distractions

With all the energy you're wasting navigating the mall, getting in and out of clothes, and waiting in lines, you're bound to get hungry. Now you have to accept the overpriced food court prices, and spend money on an oily pizza. In addition to the prices of eating out, think of the transportation expenses.