Elinore Stevens
I find product and company reviews to be super helpful, so I hope this will help others. I love Beverly Hills Chairs and I love Herman Miller office chairs. I've purchased several Herman Miller Aeron Drafting Stools from BHC and I couldn't be happier with my experiences. I'm sure you'll love your experience as well.
Love the fact that I can adjust the height of my new drafting chair. Plus, who doesn't love a luxurious Herman Miller chair? This chair has made me a much more productive person and it feels great! With the money I saved, I was able to buy a chair mat and a headrest. Finally, quality and affordability meet!
The Architect
In case you couldn't tell from my name, I'm an architect. When I'm sitting at my drafting table, it's imperative that I have all of the proper materials. That not only includes the right pen and paper, but also the right stool. I recently branched out on my own. I work as a freelance architect. Since I do a lot of my work from home, I decided to buy a new drafting stool. As you can imagine, drafting stools are not cheap. When I saw that I could buy a Herman Miller drafting stool from Beverly Hills Chair for half of the going rate, I jumped on that deal right away. Where else can you get a top-of-the-line drafting stool like this one for such a low price? Nowhere!
Tyrone Wallace
We finally got some standing desks at my office but sometimes I wanna sit while it's up high and my chair didn't go that high so I Googled stools for office and Beverly Hills Chairs popped up and oh man they had awesome prices, awesome staff, awesome chairs and now I can sit all day at my tall desk with no back problems!!!!!!!
I have a standing desk and wanted the option to sit while not having to manually adjust the desk every time and this was the PERFECT option. Really great price, really great chair, and the service and quickness of the shipping was outstanding. Thank you!