This chair is great. The assembly was not difficult at all, which was surprising as usually, these complex office chairs require quite a bit of handiness when assembling. I have terrible posture and often get uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time (even short periods of time), but with this chair, I am able to sit and write for as long and as far as my mind will take me. It comes exactly as advertised and can be adjusted to fit and accommodate all types. I will gladly recommend this product to friends, and family!
Kevin L.
I'm quite pleased with the Nanoflex chair. The high back support is fantastic, and the adjustable features are handy. I haven't had any issues so far, so I can't comment on the warranty or after-sales service.
John S
Westholme Nanoflex chair is a solid purchase. The high back is comfy, and the adjustability options are handy. I haven't had to use the warranty or after-sales service yet, but knowing they're there is comforting.