Veronica M. 02/12/2018

I was fed up with ordering office chairs online only to receive them and end up disappointed. Either the armrests were flimsy or the seat was too long. I found out from a friend that I could actually go down to Beverly Hills Chairs and try out their inventory. Needless to say, I was able to find a chair, this Herman Miller Aeron, that fit my height perfectly and the armrests were not only adjustable but sturdy.

Seth T. 02/12/2018

I wanted a chair that was comfortable enough to work all day in, as well as watch Netflix and fall asleep in. I found this Herman Miller Aeron and I don't regret it. This is the most comfortable chair I've ever owned.

Tim L. 02/12/2018

I just got a promotion, which means that I got the best office in the building. The office chair that came with the office was nice. It was black leather. After sitting in it, I realized that it was more aesthetically pleasing than it was comfortable. I decided to ask for a new chair and they gave me a list of office chairs from Beverly Hills Chairs. I saw affordable their chairs were, so I went all out. I ordered this Herman Miller Aeron chair with the Posture Fit back, the headrest, and the tilt lock. This is the best office chair I've ever had.

Douglass Y. 02/12/2018

I used to have severe neck pain. It occurred to me that my office chair wasn't giving me the support that I needed. I decided to look for more ergonomic chairs. When I saw that these Herman Miller Chairs run well over $1000.00, I decided to use my same old chair and do some neck exercises. My neck pain didn't improve.

I decided to try out the Herman Miller Aeron chair from Beverly Hills Chairs. I also decided to add the premium fitted ergonomic headrest. I didn't think an office chair would make such a huge difference with my neck pain but it did. And these prices are unbelievable.

Linda D. 02/12/2018

You definitely get what you pay for when you purchase a Herman Miller Aeron office chair. What a great investment! I’m telling everyone about my new chair and about Beverly Hills Chairs!