Ordered 3 chairs. 1 of them came with a deteriorating armrest. I contacted the seller and they send me 2 new armrests via expedited shipping. The chairs are comfortable and now are all usable. They are refurbished.
Daniel Kenon
Beverly Hills Chairs offers a fantastic deal on refurbished Aeron chairs. Mine looks and feels like new, and I'm extremely satisfied with the quality and comfort it provides.
Jessicah N
I ordered a refurbished Aeron chair from Beverly Hills Chairs, and I couldn't be happier. The chair arrived in pristine condition, and it's an absolute joy to sit in. The price was unbeatable.
bought a refurbished Aeron chair a few months ago, and it's been a solid addition to my workspace. The chair is comfortable, and it's held up well so far. There were a couple of small cosmetic imperfections, but they don't affect its functionality. If you're looking for quality at a lower price, this is a good option.
Wesker G
The refurbished Aeron chair I received from Beverly Hills Chairs is pretty good. It's comfortable and stylish, but I wish it was a bit more affordable. However, I'm still satisfied with my purchase.