I've never been big on name brands but I've always been big on style, comfort, and luxury. When it comes to office chairs, the Herman Miller Aeron is the only chair that meets all three requirements. The name alone screams luxury, the fact that I can customize my chair the way I like it says style, and when you sit in it you get a new definition of comfort. There's no other chair out there for me. Herman Miller Aeron all the way.
The Ghost
As a ghostwriter, I sit at my desk in my home office all day. One day, I woke up with back pain. My doctor told me that my pain was emanating from my lordotic curve. As I sat at my computer conducting research on what causes lower back pain, I saw an advertisement for Beverly Hills Chairs. I realized that my old chair could be the cause of my lower back pain.

I clicked on the add and saw this Herman Miller Aeron Fully Loaded. I wanted to ensure that I was getting my money's worth. I learned that Herman Miller chairs are high-quality and that if I were to buy this chair from anyone other than Beverly Hills Chairs, you'd spend double the amount. I purchased this chair right away. The difference is amazing! My back pain has completely dissipated. I owe that to the adjustable lumbar support built into the back of the chair. I was able to adjust the lumbar support according to where my pain was. Whether you're a writer or a telemarketer, if you sit at a desk all day, you need this chair.
Perfect office chair for a short person! My feet can reach the ground comfortably and my back is always supported.