Adam 27/01/2017

Love this chair. Shipped very quickly. It only has 2 screws to install....lifesaver!

Simon 27/01/2017

For the money I was willing to spend on an ergonomic chair for my office it came down to the Aeron and the Mirra. After trying both of them out, I have to say that the Mirra is more comfortable as the mesh seat is a different mesh than the Aeron and feels better throughout the course of the day.

Moses 27/01/2017

Just bought my second Mirra chair. I prefer the mesh on the front as opposed to the ones that do not have the mesh. Def a great deal and the guy in their showroom answered all of my questions.

Daniel 27/01/2017

I love the Mirra, its so much more comfortable than the Aeron.