This Herman Miller chair changed my life! It’s so comfortable to sit in and I no longer need to go to the chiropractor. Also so happy that I got it used for cheap. It’s basically brand new!
The Herman Miller Mirra is actually the most comfortable chair to sit in for work. It has an adjustable lumbar support that I believe is called a posture fit back. It slides up and down and you can also have it push into your back to help keep you upright. There are tilt locks to allow you to go from rocking back and forth to sitting in an upright position. Additionally, there are 3 recline settings to make the back of the chair go back into 3 different recline positions. I got mine in shadow grey and blue fabric on sale from Beverly Hills Chairs at a great price.

The Herman Miller Mirra in my opinion is a superior chair to the Herman Miller Aeron. They are both mesh seating, however the mesh seat on the one size fits all Mirra is more comfortable for some reason. It is a discounted chair as the guys at Beverly Hills Chairs refurbish them for cosmetic issues. I have continued to purchase these discounted Herman Miller chairs because they are comfortable and durable. It is also nice that Beverly Hills chairs have them in stock so that I do not have to wait 6-8 weeks like other dealers. One last note is that I suggest purchasing 1 can of the shadow grey paint that they sell because you can touch them up if they get scratched for any reason. There is even a video tutorial on the touch up process on their site and on Youtube if you type in Beverly Hills Chairs.
I have been looking for a comfortable chair for my home office for quite some time. Most of the chairs in grey which I have come across have been more for decor than an actual task chair, until I discovered the shadow grey Herman Miller Mirra chair from Beverly Hills Chairs. The chair is really cool looking and is highly adjustable which is pretty much what you want in a comfortable chair that you can actually work in for more than 4 hours.

I would recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for a top of the line ergonomic chair but does not want to pay full retail price. I also find it a pleasure to work with Greg over at their showroom in Westwood and on the phone.
I spend a lot of time at my desk typing away on my computer for work and if I didn’t have this chair, I would be in trouble. I absolutely love my Mirra and would tell anyone looking for an ergonomic chair to look this way. Best prices hands down, fast delivery, and very friendly customer service.