In our work-driven nation, the office has become a place where we spend the majority of our lives.? This means that the environment created at the office is equally as the home environment.? A poor workplace environment negatively affects productivity, stress levels, health, and overall happiness.

Often times, small changes can have a great impact on the overall atmosphere of the workplace. Subtle modifications such as adding wall art, locating the desks near windows, or playing light music can enhance the setting.

In addition, the comfort and health of the employees is crucial to the overall happiness within the workplace.? The proper height of both your chair and computer screen is key to optimal comfort at your desk.? More importantly, upgrading the comfort of your desk chair has proven to tremendously improve performance, stress levels, and happiness at work.? In the last decade, we have seen that ergonomic chairs have greatly reduced the back and neck pain of individuals who spend their working hours at a desk.

These simple changes can help improve the health of your employees as well as the office-wide culture!

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