Diffrient Smart

Diffrient Smart

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Diffrient Smart
Armrest/Armpad: 1 - Fixed Duron Arms  
Armrest/Armpad: 2 - Fixed Duron Arms w/ Matching Textile  
Armrest/Armpad: 3 - Adjustable Duron Arms  
Armrest/Armpad: 4 - Adjustable Duron Arms w/ Matching Textile  
Armrest/Armpad: 5 - 4D Adj Duron Arms  
Armrest/Armpad: 6 - 4D Adj Duron Arms w/ Matching Textile  
Armrest/Armpad: 0 - Armless  
Frame Color: B - Black with Black Trim  
Frame Color: G Dark Gray Frame with Polished Aluminum Trim  
Frame Color: A Black Frame with Polished Aluminum Trim  
Back Mesh: M - Monofilament Stripe  
Back Mesh: A Dash  
Back Mesh: N - Pinstripe  
Back Mesh: C - Silver Check  
Back Mesh: J - Catena  
Mesh Color: Black  
Mesh Color: Carbon  
Mesh Color: Platinum  
Mesh Color: Green  
Mesh Color: Atlantic  
Mesh Color: Amber  
Textile: W - Wave  
Textile: F - Ginkgo
Textile: PS - Sprint  
Textile: V - Vellum  
Textile: K - Lotus  
Textile: Q - Bizon Leather  
Textile: X - Columbia Leather  
Textile: RM - Remix  
Textile Colour: black  
Textile Colour: Sage  
Textile Colour: Navy  
Textile Colour: Graphite  
Cylinder Height: Standard 125mm (5”)  
Cylinder Height: L Low 95mm (3.75”)  
Cylinder Height: T Tall 125mm (5”)  
Cylinder Height: F High 205mm (8”) Cylinder w/455mm (18”) Foot Ring  
Cylinder Height: R High 205mm (8”) Cylinder w/535mm (21”) Foot Ring  
Casters: Standard 3" casters for carpeted floor 
Casters: S - Soft casters

Diffrient Smart

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Diffrient Smart

Designed by Niels Diffrient

The Diffrient Smart chair is an intelligent mesh task chair with a striking linear aesthetic that complements any environment. Engineered to provide automatic lumbar support for every user, as well as simplicity and ease of use, Diffrient Smart offers comfort, style and flexibility. Diffrient Smart was created by designer Niels Diffrient and, like Humanscale’s Liberty and Diffrient World chairs, uses Humanscale’s revolutionary Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and mechanism-free recline for perfect support for every user.

About Diffrient Smart

Diffrient Smart is a minimal mesh task chair that is a striking addition to any modern office thanks to its linear, geometric design that easily integrates into any environment. With a unique U-shaped back and minimal lines, Diffrient Smart also features arm rests that are attached to the back of the chair, so they move with the user for dynamic support. Its brushed aluminum finish ensures Smart’s longevity, while its automatic recline support every individual that sits in it. Diffrient Smart’s revolutionary tri-panel mesh backrest offers instant support and allows the user to engage in healthy, ergonomic postures.

Ease of Use

Featuring Humanscale's weight-sensitive, mechanism-free recline, Smart automatically adjusts to the body weight of each sitter to provide perfect recline support. Using the laws of physics, all the user has to do is sit and the chair will provide the correct amount of tension for their shape.

Linear Visual Design

Free of manual controls, Diffrient Smart has a striking, sleek aesthetic, and its U-shaped back makes it the perfect fit for any high-design environment. With linear lines in the backrest and strong mesh for maximum support, it's the ideal task chair for the modern, active workspace.

Tailored Backrest

To ensure every person who sits in Diffrient Smart would have perfect lumbar support, Diffrient created a tri-panel mesh backrest to automatically adapt to the user’s needs. Eliminating the need for complicated adjustments and external lumbar devices, Diffrient Smart uses Form-Sensing Mesh technology for easy, ongoing comfort.

Design Story

"As a result of seeking a really good adjustable arm, I was led in a direction that would allow me to do that in the best mechanical and serviceable way. That led me to the dominant visual feature of the chair... the horseshoe shaped aluminum support."

Niels Diffrient, Designer

Following the success of Liberty and Diffrient World, Niels Diffrient developed Diffrient Smart to offer a chair with strong visual features. He wanted to create a task chair that was in line with Humanscale’s philosophy of designing seating that is simple, beautiful and effortless to use. Diffrient Smart has straight, bold lines and a timeless horseshoe-shaped aluminum support, so its suit any environment it is placed in.

Textile Options

Diffrient Smart is available with a wide variety of fabrics and finishes that complement its clean lines and versatile design

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