People shop?vintage for a variety of reasons - the look, the feel, the bragging rights, the price. The reason doesn't matter; the fact is: old has become new again. A vintage dress does wonders. As does jewelry and home furniture. The list goes on. So why should furnishing your office be any different?

Now let's take a step back. When it comes to your office, regardless of the look you're going for, you can certainly find it for less if you go vintage. However, a lot goes into creating an office that looks beautiful, while also breeding productivity. The key to a productive work environment is cleanliness and comfort. Now here's the kicker. When it comes to shopping for comfort it's important to differentiate between vintage and refurbished.

It's true that refurbished doesn't have the same pizzazz that vintage has, however when your buying the office chair that you'll be sitting in for hours upon hours, you'll want to end up with refurbished. Though it may look cool, a vintage wooden office chair won't give you the same ergonomic back support as a refurbished?chair, such as the Herman Miller Aeron. While the two types essentially stand for the same concept - used material (or, chair), rather than new material - in this case, vintage simple stands for old, while refurbished?means that this old chair has been updated to be made like-new. This means that even though the chair itself has?been used, some of the parts that make up the chair could very well be new. When a company like Beverly Hills Chairs refurbishes their chairs, each aspect of the chair is fully inspected and fixed in whatever capacity it needs to be. Therefore, oftentimes an old chair will contain new parts.

So if you're interested in investing in a good chair on a budget, there's no doubt that buying refurbished is the way to go. Just remember, refurbished is the?keyword!

Defining a Chair
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