If you never listen to video game soundtracks, you're missing out. Tons of marvelous gems live within the realm of games. For example, consider Pok?mon Sun and Moon, released for the Nintendo 3DS in November 2016. In this game, the player journeys with their team of Pok?mon across the lovely region of Alola. There's a town in this region called Seafolk Village. And wow, the song that plays in this village will take your breath away.

Actually there's two themes that play for this town: a version for when it's daytime and another for nighttime. Most towns and cities in Sun and Moon have day and night versions. The daytime theme of Seafolk Village sure has plenty of charm. But it's the nighttime theme that really presents the most relaxing experience ever. It's quiet, it's soothing, and it has a nice rolling melody that's reminiscent of the motion of ocean waves.

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The song of Seafolk Village sounds great to listen to as you kick back in a comfy seat and relax. Let the music envelope you and lift away the tensions of life. Don't neglect that suitable chair, either. You can get a really comfortable, well-designed chair at Beverly Hills Chairs. Their website sells a variety of ergonomic chairs to sit in, refurbished and brought to you at affordable prices. Put these chairs in your office, your home ? anyplace where you can take a moment to listen to the music. You'll have the perfect place to recline as the lull of the song takes your mind to quaint houses resting near the calm sea waters.

Even if you eventually tire of listening to the music of Seafolk Village, lots of other tracks from the towns of Sun and Moon?will soothe your soul. Malie City's theme probably is the closest contender to Seafolk Village, in terms of sounding the most pleasant. Its instrumentation somehow manages to evoke thoughts of both a sleek city and a tree-filled forest at once. That's pretty fitting for a city that has a big, famous garden within it. The night theme of Iki Town, with its spare and simple guitar, also does a great job of wrapping one's heart in a warm embrace. When the player returns to Iki Town at the end of the game, that gorgeous music will help them reminisce fondly about the early days of their journey.

When people think of the Pok?mon franchise, their minds often turn to thoughts of intense, exciting battles. That's definitely a major part of this world. Sun and Moon (along with pretty much every other game in the series) contains plenty of riveting battle tracks. There are energetic and active songs that will make you feel like you're charging toward victory, or desperately defending against defeat, having a friendly match with a beloved rival, facing down a hated villain, and so forth. These songs are amazing. But when you're in between battles, and you have a moment to sit down and relax, take some time to appreciate the peaceful songs too.