office, personalities, personality, office personalities, officesEvery office has those people that seem too stereotypical to be real, yet they are. Whether they improve your office environment or make it worse, these personalities are the foundation for office dynamics. Are you one of these 5 types of office personalities?

The Office Gossipoffice personality, slacking, office, personality, distracted

This employee never stops talking. They constantly come up and ask you if you think someone is cute or if so and so got plastic surgery. They spend their entire office day on social media, you're shocked they can even get work done. While it may be fun to occasionally partake in gossiping with them, you have to wonder: if they talk about everyone else so much, do they also talk about you? The answer is they probably do.

office personality, herman miller, beverly hills chairs, go getterThe Overachiever

You either love or hate this person. Overachievers make some people's jobs easier, but a lot of people have to work harder to compete with them. This person seems like they do everything right. They have an ergonomic chair, their desk is always organized, and they always volunteer for more work. It seems impossible to compete!

The solution is simple. Go to Beverly Hills Chairs?and invest in an ergonomic chair like the Herman Miller Mirra. OR you can impress your coworkers and bosses even more by getting a Sit to Stand desk which will bring your workout into the office with you. Your dedication to being productive and efficient will blow everyone out of the water in comparison to your office's overachiever.

The Slackerslacking off, office, stretch, personality, office personality

This employee does nothing all day but still has not been fired. You're often astounded they still work for the company. Maybe it's the boss's nephew or an ivy league graduate. For whatever reason, this person can do no wrong, even when they do nothing. However, you always look good next to them. You may wish to be able to slack like they do, but at least they make you look like a good employee just by doing your job.

late, office, personality, office personality, late to the office, late comerThe One Who's Always Late

They constantly interrupt meetings, you always have to push things back for them, and they never apologize. The late-comer. They often run into the office carrying a cup of coffee from the corner market, acting like the universe is against them and that's why they're late. Maybe if they made their coffee at home or actually left with enough time to grab the coffee, they'd stop being late. Just a thought. Regardless, they're not a bad employee, just inconvenient.

The Class Clownfunny guy, funny, office, office personalities, personality, personalities, office. offices, office type

This person seems like they haven't left school. Whether it's practical jokes or snarky comments, they are always looking to get laughs from the office. Sure, sometimes you laugh at their jokes, but sometimes they interrupt YOU or prank YOU. You always enjoy them until they turn their humor on you. But what can you do? They constantly amuse most of the office. The office loves them. You just have to grin and bear it.

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