It's been a long few months and you want to pick up office morale. Sometimes what workers need is some good, healthy fun with their peers. Here are some office games that will help your employees bond without the hassle of organizing an out of office event.

  1. Musical Chairs?

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This is a classic children's game that is fun for adults. Using office chairs adds an extra twist since you can swivel in the chairs. If two employees are racing to get to a chair, one employee can grab the chair and roll it to themselves. This game is sure to evoke some laughs and act as a work out. To prepare, get some discounted ergonomic chairs at Beverly Hills Chairs?Your employees will thank you when they get the added bonus of comfortable chairs with quality back support.

2. Capture the Flag

Form two teams that will compete against each other to get a gift card to a local restaurant. Each team will have to protect their own gift card while also attempting to get the other team's gift card. Teams can make barricades with office chairs or desks. This will foster communication between your employees and help them to bond.

3. Flip Cup?

Although this is a common alcoholic drinking game, you can use soda or water instead. You can set the game up on a table or a sit to stand desk.

4. Scavenger Hunt

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Give each member clues and hide other clues around the office. The employees will then come together and combine their clues to find the prize!