Health In America

Arkansas; 35.9% obesity. West Virginia; 35.7% obesity. Mississippi; 35.5% obesity. The list goes on and on with exasperating numbers. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but is also land of the fat and home of the fatter. America has always been known for it's egregiously large food portions, and its lack of physical activity, which has resulted in more than half the population being identified as, "obese."

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Although, within the past decade America has stepped up it's game in the world of fitness. American's now run half-marathons, and marathons, count calories, and workout more than two hours a day. These things are much easier said than done, but there are a couple of lifestyle loopholes that allow you to be healthy and not do the hardcore healthy things that are mentioned above. Check out the tricks to having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Be Active 1-Hour a Day

Run. Hike. Walk. Fart while standing. It doesn't matter what you do, just get your blood flowing and keep the mind active. Working out ONLY 1-hour a day is perfect. Keeping the body active seven days a week is key to promoting a healthy lifestyle. This doesn't take much work, such as taking your dog for a walk a few times a day, or simply designating a small chunk of time to doing body-weight workouts (push-ups, body squats, pull-ups) outside your apartment. The world is your playground, so get outside and explore that playground; it will only make you healthier.?beverly hills chairs

Invest In a Standing Desk

"Hey Doc, my back is hurting." That's something that someone who frequently sits at an unadjustable desk will probably be saying over the phone. Standing desks are an up and coming trend within the workplace, which help foster fantastic blood flow while at the same time help kick the aches and pains in your neck and back. When you're sitting in your cubicle from nine to five you don't get proper blood circulation, and you also are forced to be hunched over. This in turn causes you to phone the doc.

With an adjustable standing desk that comes in three aesthetically pleasing colors (espresso, cherry, and gray) your mind will be more active (helping you be more creative in the workplace), thus helping you lead a much more healthy lifestyle out of the workplace. When you leave the office your energy levels will be equivalent to a 1st grader getting ready to play soccer. You can find these unique modern contraptions at Beverly Hills Chairs for a great and affordable price.beverly hills chairs

Cut Out the Soda

The difficulty of this task is not very daunting. When you go food shopping swivel your head around a grab a twelve pack of seltzer water. When you go out for a bite to eat ask for some water (IT'S FREE). Soda is one of the main reasons that many American's put on weight faster than mice jump on untouched pieces of cheese. A 20 ounce bottle of coke has sixty-five grams of sugar; SIXTY-FIVE!! beverly hills chairs Soda also contributes to major sugar crashes and a lackadaisical approach to the rest of the day after consumption.?Soda is the silent killer that makes you wonder why you're not losing weight when you're dieting. Staying away from soda is a key to a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Have More Sex

Yes you read that correctly. Have more sex. Sex surprisingly has an extraordinarily amount of benefits besides just pure pleasure. It keeps your immune system strong, lowers blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart attack, boosts your mood, lowers your chance of depression, and most of all is a form of exercise. Sex burns five calories per minute, which equates to three-hundred calories every hour if you have the stamina for it .If getting your one-hour of activity this way isn't a sweet deal, then what is? ?beverly hills chairs

Purchase an Ergonomic Chair

Relax, sit back, and feel comfortable. That's what happens when you sit in an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs help you think more clearly and prevent neck and back pain much like the standing desk. Ergonomic chairs are key in allowing your legs to be positioned at that desired ninety-degree angle as well as allowing you to stretch out when you please. Juxtaposed to most chairs in traditional offices these ergonomic chairs are adjustable at both the armrests and back plate, which prevents you from being hunched over like most office working Americans. These chairs can be pricey most of the time, but Beverly Hills Chairs offers an array of affordable ergonomic chairs. They also sell the highly respected Herman Miller Aeron Chair. The Herman Miller Aeron has been showered over the last few decades with countless prestigious awards and recognitions.

Defining a Chair
The definition of a chair is something that is a seat, usually having four legs for support and a rest for the back and ...