If you have avoided cleaning your office chair for a few months or even years, it is probably due for a cleaning. There are several different cleaning solutions, ranging from store-bought cleaners to homemade mixtures. Store-bought cleaners can prove effective in cleaning your office chair; these cleaners, however, will leave a very strong and unpleasant smell. They may cause your eyes to water or cause you to become sick. To avoid this, consider using a more natural solution that you can make at home. Provided below are homemade solutions to help you care for your chair and get it in tip-top shape.

For nylon chairs, like the Herman Miller Aeron chair, or chairs with any other synthetic fabric, try using this easy vinegar solution. Use ? cup of white vinegar, ? of a cup of warm water, ? a tablespoon of liquid soap, and spritz of lemon juice for a fresh smell. Combine all of these ingredients in a spray bottle, shaking hard to ensure that it is fully mixed.??Spray the fabric all over, and finish by wiping with a soft cloth. Be sure to clean well without scrubbing too hard, so as to avoid fraying the fabric. Feel free to use a cloth that is damp with water to clean off any excess solution.

If you are cleaning an office chair made of real leather, be sure to?avoid?using water. Rather, use a mixture made of ? cup of white vinegar and ? cup of olive oil. Combine these two ingredients and mix well. Spray this mixture on your chair, using a soft cloth to gently rub it in. This will help clean and moisturize the leather, while bringing back its original shine. To finish and to ensure that the oil has been absorbed into the chair, you can use a dry, soft cloth to buff the leather.

An ergonomic office chair takes care of you by providing you with great support and helping you to maintain great posture, but few chair owners think to return the favor in taking care of their chair. Try these solutions to make sure your chair stays in great condition.

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