In the age of online dating, we've become used to making snap decisions based on a single image. However, when cycling through the loads of pictures on tinder or another dating app, it's easy to swipe right through "The One" (whether they're the one for life or for tonight). Don't miss out on finding your perfect match because of distracted swiping! In order to find the most focused, productive swiping environment, we've tested out chairs. Seating situation is important because a chair's ergonomic capability will improve your focus, allowing you to pay more attention to your phone screen. Continue reading to find out which chair will you swipe right on?

1. The Papasan Chair

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Unfortunately, the papasan did not make me swipe right. As comfortable as the papasan is, it's way too loungy for good swiping practices. While relaxing on this chair,?you will continuously swipe left without really looking at who you're swiping. Sitting in it also presents the uncomfortable situation of holding your phone above your face. This WILL result in it dropping right onto your nose, followed by an exclamation of pain. Do you really want that when you're trying to find The One?

2. The Winged Chair

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This chair looks so comfy, right? Aside from being the perfect hipster seating arrangement, it's not conducive to tinder. The wings on the side make it impossible to comfortably swipe through tinder. Sometimes, they even make you accidentally swipe right or left when you don't want to. These chairs are perfect for looking cool and sophisticated in for your tinder pics, but they're not good for actually using the app.

3. The Hanging Egg Chair

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The hanging egg may look fun, but it's devious in its appeal. It's a trap that will prevent you from ever leaving. If you like swinging around endlessly with no way out, the egg?is for you. If you're the type of person to get motion sick in a car, swiping on this chair will definitely make you vomit. It's basically a safety hazard. I would not recommend the hanging egg for ANY activity, let alone tinder ones.

4. The Bar Stool

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It makes sense to swipe on a bar stool. You do most of your tinder activities at bars, right? It's even tempting when you're just waiting for your friends to show up. However, the bar stool is precarious for swiping. It raises you so high from the floor, your phone is in peril.?The stool makes it very easy to drop your phone, especially when drunk. If you accidentally swipe too hard,?whoosh, your phone is on the floor, screen cracked, never to show you a good image of the possible date again. Swiping while sitting on a stool is a hazard for everyone involved.

5. The Herman Miller Mirra

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Last but not least, this chair is one of the most ergonomic chairs on the market. It's perfect for swiping on because it has tons of support which will help you focus only on the task at hand. Bonus: it leans back really far so you can swipe in a variety of positions. Do you ever swipe in the office when work is slow? Then you should be swiping on this chair! However, if you do have a problem with your boss about using tinder at work, Beverly Hills Chairs sells refurbished Mirras at such a great price, you can easily get it for home! With this chair, you will never miss out on a possible wanted tinder date again!

Defining a Chair
The definition of a chair is something that is a seat, usually having four legs for support and a rest for the back and ...