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We have all been there at one point, maybe even every day. As the day progresses, you may feel as if your body is severely lacking in energy. You have the urge to energize yourself with another cup of espresso or an energy drink. Caffeine is a staple for many Americans today as it is a quick fix to drowsiness. Ingesting caffeine in any way will give you a rush of alertness, which in turn will make you feel better overall.

A warning though, caffeine consumption of highly abnormal amounts is unhealthy for the body. Caffeine is just a temporary fix. Some of the side-effects of caffeine include possible heartburn, increased heart rate, and twitchiness amongst many others. Caffeine works like a drug; your body will get addicted, and you will unknowingly increase the dosage just to get to the state in which you feel like you can function properly.

People spend most of their days sitting down, since most work is done at the desk and in front of a computer. You can personally see a correlation between exhaustion and the hours you are at your desk and unmoving. The lack of movement will do that to your body. When you are working at your desk job, or just at any desk in general, there is a possibility of you dozing off and taking an unscheduled catnap. This tired feeling can adversely affect your work flow, decrease your productivity and motivation, and that grumpy side of yours may even show it’s not so pretty face.

Here are some small things you can do to keep that fatigued mind of yours awake:

Sit up! If you find yourself slouching at your desk you will develop the urge to place your head on the flat surface. Sitting with your back straight and shoulders untensed will show some immediate changes in your alertness. Or, if it’s your chair that’s the problem, get a new chair that allows better support of your lower back. If your lower back is supported, the air-flow in your body is consistent and you will feel less tired. Beverly Hills Chairs always has great deals on Aeron chairs that specify in the lumbar region.

Take a scenic walk around the office. If sitting up is not enough, maybe taking a quick walk might be right up your alley. A change to your environment is always great as it will expose and stimulate your mind to all the activities occurring and the people present around you. You can take this opportunity to chat with your fellow co-workers.

Become a stair master. Rather than using elevators, take the stairs whenever the opportunity arises. Stairs are a blessing when you want to keep the laziness off your mind. You will personally feel a great sense of accomplishment and motivation. The feeling will be so immense that you will not want to break that streak, and continue your day productively.

Give stretching a try. You know that need to stretch when you wake up in the morning? The same thing goes for when you’re sitting at a desk all day long. The tendency to stretch is due to the fact that the body builds up stress and tension because it does not often get the chance to move during our hours of slumber or immobility. Stretching will loosen that stress and reinvigorate your body and mind for the new day. If you catch yourself falling asleep at the desk, simple stretches will wake you right up. Here are a few to help you start:

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Chairs are essentially a symbol of status, unity, or simply serve as momentous objects. These are just a few of the iconic chairs from film and television:

Wicker Chair from Casablanca
The Wicker Chair plays an essential part in the production design of the film Casablanca, starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, directed by Michael Curtiz. Casablanca is a film set in the backdrop of World War II, in which most of the scenes take place in “Rick’s Cafe Americain.” The set of Rick’s cafe consists of a unique arrangement of chairs, tabl...

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1. Meal prep – the hottest trend in clean eating

Why it’s important:

Meal prep is all the rage right now on health and fitness blogs and foodie instagrams alike. The great thing is, you don’t have to be a fitness addict to do it, and it saves both time and money throughout the week. Knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat is a key component of a balanced diet, and, in this way, knowing how to prepare the right meal is essential to achieving your health goals. Plan out your meals in advance for the week with a calendar, then get ...

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Reading is slowly starting to make a comeback in today’s society. About ten to fifteen years ago, and sometimes even now, it was considered “uncool” to love reading — books were considered boring, hard to read, and just overall not a fun hobby. Luckily, reading has slowly made it’s way back into society and many young adults are proud to pick up a book and read it from cover to cover. For those of you that consider yourselves bookworms, this guide will tell you what type of reader you are based on where you like to read, and, based on that, give you some sugges...

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Office culture, layout, and structure have been rapidly changing together with the pace of technological advancement. Fixed cubicles, indirect communications through structured hierarchies and absolute quietness is now considered outdated, which most college students find undesirable, not necessarily a deal breaker though (because we desperately need a job). Even though pretty much nothing can really top the importance of name brand and reputation, there are still solid variables that differentiate a company within the same tier. Plus, there are still a big group of talented people remainin...

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Simple Ways to Stay Active in Your Workplace

According to the research posted on, it has been proven that sitting for hours straight plays a significant role to the increase in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Do you know what that means? Sitting is bad for your health, dear people, so, here are some simple ways to stay productive along with staying active where you work:

1. Let us start off small. Stand up once every hour. Use your smartphone or your laptop to set a reminder for every hour throughout your workday to stand up. You can e...

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Whether you are a student in high school, college, or working in an office setting, it’s no mystery that eventually we all develop some back pain. From the long hours spent hovering over a book, computer, paperwork, files, or other necessary elements required for your studies or job, eventually our backs begin to get tender and sore. This article will present the different symptoms of back pain that you should look out for, the causes of back pain, back pain prevention, and some materials that can be done to help alleviate some of the pain and prevent future pain while working.

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I seem to enjoy working everyday until 3pm. The same feeling of exhaustion and the need to take a nap sets in. My doctor has assured me there is nothing wrong with me, but I ask why I am so tired at 3pm everyday at work.

Doctor: What do you do at work during the day?
Me: I am working at my desk, writing emails, talking on conference calls, and keeping track of my shipments online.

Doctor: Do you have coffee during the day?
Me: Yes. I drink an iced coffee every morning followed by a Coke Zero.

Doctor: Do you exercise regularly?
Me: I usually work out on th...

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So what does the Herman Miller Aeron chair have to do with back-to-school season? Where there is back pain, we always recommend Herman Miller chairs as part of the solution. And as it happens, back pain is a real pain in the neck for students, which an ergonomic chair can remedy.

Experts say that carrying a backpack that’s over 10% of a student’s body weight can cause muscular and lower back pain. Couple the heavy burden of backpacks with the unergonomic nature of school desks, and you’ve got 64% of students suffering from back pain; in a study conducted by the Inla...

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Can the Aeron chair by Herman Miller really be used as exercise equipment?

It’s difficult to stay active while working a desk job. But it’s also essential to your health. Sitting for too long can lead to obesity and metabolic syndrome, as well as increase your risk of death from cardiovascular disease. That risk, however, can be offset by a little movement.

The question is, how do you workout with work to do, and your boss right down the hall, and your co-workers waiting impatiently for something to laugh at, just to break the tedium of an 8-hour shift? The answer...

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