The key to having a successful YouTube channel is similar to having a successful business. You need clientele. Your viewers are your clientele. Start thinking of ways to attract new viewers and keep your loyal viewers interested.

How to get started and gain popularity                              

  • Set a theme for your channel: First you should set a theme for your channel. When making YouTube videos for mere fun there are no boundaries preventing you from uploading a video on pet care one day then uploading a video on computer programming the next. However if you want to turn your hobby into a career you may want to narrow your content. The goal is to upload a reasonable amount of quality videos on a consistent basis. However if for some reason this is not possible, because you’re transitioning from an hourly job to a career in YouTube, it is much better to upload fewer high quality videos than to overload viewers with a wide range of videos. Take a second to think about what you are really interested in and what you would like to share with the world. Do you want to post comical skits? Do you want to partake in trending challenges like the “100 Layers Challenge” . Are you interested in exercise, natural beauty, fashion, make-up, hair care, pet care, or foreign language? Pick one or two categories that are closely related and stick to them. Sticking to a specific genre is the first key to earning money through YouTube. 

DK4L’s 100 Layers of Clothes Challenge

  • Use social media: Make use of social media. If you already have a large follower count on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat then consider yourself ahead of the game. If you don’t use social media, consider opening a new account. Social media will help you gain popularity. Fewer people will stumble upon your videos if they are only available on one website. Posting links and snippets of your recent uploads on social media will bolster your channel’s popularity.  Also, using social media allows your current subscribers to keep track of your channel’s schedule. Posting updates regarding your recent filming session will communicate to your subscribers when to be on the lookout for a new video from you. 


  • Collaborate with fellow YouTubers: Collaborating with YouTubers is essential for networking in the YouTube world. Think of collaborations as someone referring you for a job. You do not have to meet with the YouTuber in person, you are simply creating the same type of video and referencing the other YouTuber. The person you collaborate with has decided that your channel is worth their subscriberswatching. This brings eyes to your channel. Collaborating with someone with a substantial amount of followers can cause a huge increase in your subscriber count depending on the video.

How to stay productive when working from home

  • Get a planner/Set a Schedule: Buy a planner! Once you’ve established clientele and the types of videos you want to upload, it is necessary to stay on schedule to keep your viewers satisfied. It is easy to fall off track when working from home. You may find yourself losing track of time when your begin your YouTube career but setting a daily and weekly schedule will prevent this problem. Set a schedule that you know you will able to stick to. For example, if you hate waking up early and want to enjoy your weekends you might want to set up a weekly schedule as follows: Record on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Edit Monday’s video on Tuesday and Wednesday’s video on Thursday. Upload your weekly videos on Friday. Inform your viewers which days you upload so they can anticipate watching your videos.

  • Make a DIY home office: If you’ve ever tried to do homework in your bed and fallen asleep you will understand the importance of this point. It can be tempting to lay in bed, sit on the couch, or even watch other youtuber’s videos all day. While I do recommend watching other youtube videos for themes and possible “youtube challenges” to stem ideas from, this can also be a distraction. You may find hours slipping away if you do not remain productive. Setting up an in-home office will help you distinguish between watching videos for leisure and for work. First set up a desk area where you will watch fellow YouTuber’s videos and edit your own. An ergonomic chair from Beverly Hills Chairs will keep you productive and comfortable while editing for hours (yes it may take hours to edit videos!). 
  • Set up your recording area: In addition to your home office, you should set up a recording area. This will also keep you productive as you will not dread preparing your recording area every time you want to film. You can utilize the desk area from your home office as a recording area with a sit to stand desk. You can sit at the table when editing then raise the desk and stand when you need to record. 



How to make money

Get Sponsored: Now majority of people cannot quit their hourly or salary paying jobs for a career in YouTube if this new career does not pay. The most effective way to earn an income through YouTube videos is by gaining sponsors. Companies sponsor successful YouTubers and pay them to advertise company product. Many YouTubers like Aaliyah Jay, an increasingly popular make-up artist, receive free product and compensation for advertising. For example, Scent Bird is a company that sends sample-sized portions of perfume for a monthly rate. Scent Bird has sent Aaliyah Jay free products for review in hopes that her viewers will purchase their product. Depending on the deal the YouTuber makes with the company, he or she will be paid a flat rate, commision or both. This is where sticking to a genre for your channel will come into play. Once you develop a name for yourself in the YouTube world as a makeup, exercise, or science guru, viewers will trust you as a reputable source and companies will count on your expertise to advertise their products.


Sponsors do not come to you: Do not be fooled. You must have a large subscriber count for companies to come knocking at your door. Most YouTuber’s have to write proposals to companies in order to be considered. Getting sponsored is just like going in for an interview for an hourly or salary waged job. There is also a lot of competition between YouTuber’s to be sponsored by big companies so you need to show them that you are the best candidate. Use websites like Famebit which allow companies to connect with YouTuber’s for sponsorship opportunities. 


Do not deceive your viewers: Another way to ensure your success through sponsorships, and ultimately success in your YouTube career, is honesty. Do not deceive your viewers. Deception will only lead to unsatisfied viewers who will no longer trust you and most likely unsubscribe from your channel. You may feel at odds if you dislike a product that a company wants you to advertise because they are paying you. Remember that you are being paid to review the product and promote the brand. You are not being paid to like the product. Be honest about whether or not you like the product. More importantly, if you do not like the product DO NOT BASH the company. If you’re unsatisfied with the product state the reasons why and let the viewers make their own assumptions. One of the worst things you can do when attempting to make a career from YouTube is to make slanderous comments about a company. Not only might this prevent the company from ever working with you again, your insensitivity may cause disinterest in viewers and prospective companies.

YouTube award for reaching 1,000,000 subscribers

Have fun and be yourself. Most importantly, be genuine. Turning YouTube videos into a career is an opportunity for many to switch from a mundane job to a fulfilling one. You are more likely to enjoy your in-home work when you make your channel your own. You will never have a successful YouTube channel while trying to imitate successful YouTubers. Every YouTuber has something different to offer even if they are in the same category. Also, if you are genuine, your viewers are more likely to build a virtual relationship with you. You may find yourself building relationships through YouTube over time.


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